Wine serving sizes?

Serving sizes vary from country to country, making cross-cultural comparisons difficult. Most typical serving sizes for still dry wines are 125 ml and 175 ml. For fortified/liqueur/sweet wines the serving size is usually smaller.

In some countries, serving sizes can be 250 ml, which is above the limit of moderation, especially for women and which is not recommended.

Other countries such as Germany – have introduced a very useful practice in restaurants where it is mandatory for wine glasses to have a fill line of 100 ml.

Some glassware companies have introduced special glasses for specific type of wines or wines from specific regions that enchance the unique aromas and taste of the respective wine.

To fully appreciate a wine’s flavour, never top up your glass. Air space is necessary to hold the aroma of the wine and to provide enough room to swirl wine in the glass. Drink slowly and leave the aromas to fill your glass.

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