Wine in Moderation website updated and now available in 4 additional languages

Wine in Moderation website

With the aim of always reaching more wine consumers, the “Wine in Moderation” website has been updated with new content and translated into four additional languages reaching a grand total of ten languages*.

Since last may, WiM Association has been continuously updating the Wine in Moderation website to provide more information about wine, responsible drinking, diet, etc.. The section dedicated to the commitment of the wine sector to fight alcohol-related harm has also been renewed and simplified to improve the visitor's experience and provide more information regarding the programme and how to get involved.

In parallel to the update of the website, the latter has also been translated in several languages. Greek, Dutch, Swedish and Russian readers will now also have the opportunity to browse through our website in their national language to learn more about the moderate and responsible consumption of wine, but also to discover more about wine and calories through the dedicated pages and infographics.

Our efforts to reach more consumers have been rewarded with an important increase in the number of visitors. Seeking continuous improvement, the website will therefore continue to be updated on a regular basis with the latest news and information related to the programme and the responsible consumption of wine. New pages will also be introduced to satisfy the consumer’s curiosity about the cultural, historical, and gastronomical aspects of wine, a product that has evolved as part of life, culture and diet since ancient history.

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* English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Swedish and Russian.

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