Wine in Moderation opens the year with a new format Steering Committee Meeting

Last 20 and 21 January, members of the Wine in Moderation Association gathered in Brussels for the first Steering Committee of the year under a new format.

Led by senior representatives of the WiM Association member organisations, the meeting was structured into 8 fast moving sessions with open discussion ranging from Implementing Wine in Moderation in consumers markets, led by Ruffino’s Managing Director Sandro Sartor, to an intense working session on the new Wine in Moderation website. Aimed at being more inclusive and offering a space for exchanging best practices, the new meeting structure was welcomed by the members who actively participated to the sessions and which led to constructive debates, knowledge and experience sharing.

George Sandeman, President of Wine in Moderation said: „I was very happy to be part of this dynamic format of Steering Comittee, and to listen to members with experience in the markets share their knowledge ! Important topics were discussed and it was exciting to see the incoming projects which will be launched during 2020.“

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