Wine in Moderation Programme presented to Systembolaget

Canva of pictures for the presentation of the WIM programme to Systembolaget

28/09/15, Palermo, the WiM Association took part in a dialogue meeting with Systembolaget’s External Board of Directors, for an open and broad discussion on public health issues and the Wine in Moderation Programme, together with MEP Giovani La Via (Chair of the EP ENVI Committee).

Systembolaget is a state-owned company with the exclusive right to retail spirits, wine and beer above the alcohol of 3.5% in Sweden, limiting the harmful effects of alcohol while at the same time delivering world class services. They have 431 stores, 5 000 employees and an annual turnover of 2.6 billion Euros. They are one of the world’s largest buyers of wine and, with 198 million liters 2014, Italy is volume wise their most important country of origin. Systembolaget has an integrated sustainability strategy, on all levels, including customers, supply chain and operations. In addition Systembolaget, together with the other Nordic Monopolies, are members of the BSCI and follow a common code of conduct setting the principles in working with a social responsible supply chain.

The external board of Systembolaget visited Sicily with the purpose of learning more about of the specific sustainability issues in Sicily by means of visits to and dialogues with politicians, producers and other stakeholders and organizations as well as to talk about the importance and the emphasis Systembolaget puts into Corporate Social Responsibility in all its aspects.

Magdalena Gerger, CEO of Systembolaget, said:Sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important for all companies. For Systembolaget this trend imposes responsibilities, but it also offers opportunities. And, as a big buyer, we have the opportunity to inspire sustainability within the supply chain, either it is about working conditions for farmworkers or requiring lightweight bottles to lower the Co2 emissions. Our vision is a society where alcohol can be enjoyed without anyone harming themselves or others. Limiting the harmful effects lies at the heart of our business operations and is the core of our sustainability work.”

Ms Gerger continued “in addition we find meetings such as this most rewarding and valuable for all participating parties, enabling a deeper understanding of each other’s challenges and developments – especially when the parties share the same vision of sustainability and health issues as Wine in Moderation and Systembolaget do. Hopefully this will lead to joint activities to the benefit for people all over the world.”

MEP Giovanni La Via, chair of the ENVI committee of the European Parliament, set the tone in the discussion about EU policies on sustainbility and public health as well as the challenges which lay ahead, and Stylianos Filopoulos, Director of the WiM Association presented the principles and values of the Wine in Moderation programme and its achievements so far.

The Wine in Moderation programme was warmly welcomed by Systembolaget’s distinguished members of the Board and management team. A lively debate followed with the discussion of different approaches and partnerships opportunities to address the common objective of reducing alcohol related harm.

We are delighted to present the Wine in Moderation programme to the distinguished members of the Systembolaget Board and management team” said Stylianos Filopoulos “Sustainability and more specifically social responsibility is as key to Systembolaget as it is for Wine in Moderation. We are looking forward to working with this leading and responsible retailer to reach our common objectives”.

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