Wine in Moderation Milestones

Milestones of Wine in Moderation

To inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being and to contribute to the reduction of alcohol-related harm, the European wine sector came together in 2008 and developed the “Wine in Moderation- Art de Vivre” Programme.

Since then, the Wine in Moderation Programme has been grow­ing continuously and has become the Social Responsibility refer­ence programme not only of the European wine value chain but of the international one.

Milestones of Wine in Moderation ~ Wine in Moderation is becoming the international social responsibility movement of the whole wine sector.
~ WiM Association joins the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), as Observer.

~ Expansion of Wine in Moderation to South America.

~ Second commitment programme to the EAHF.
~ Founding of the WiM Association by the EU wine sector.

~ First time the European wine sector unites under one common programme.
~ Launch of the Wine in Moderation Programme by CEEV as a commitment to the European Alcohol and Health Forum.

~ EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm.

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