Vocational education

It is vital to inform, educate and raise awareness on harmful alcohol consumption in order to develop and increase knowledge about appropriate consumption patterns in our societies.

The "Art de Vivre" (life-skills) education programme involves:

  • the active education of industry and consumers to encourage cultural change in the approach to consuming alcoholic beverages, making moderation fashionable;
  • educating consumers who appreciate wine to do so moderately and responsibly, as part of a healthy lifestyle;
  • familiarising consumers with the risks of abuse and misuse and the benefits of moderate consumption of wine to allow them to make informed and responsible decisions;
  • giving balanced information on the risks of misuse and the benefits of moderate consumption.

The "Art de Vivre" Programme in the form of vocational education and training aims to increase the knowledge, skills and competences of wine professionals, with a view to helping them and their customers make well-informed, responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and to reducing the misuse and abuse of alcohol.

This vocational education and training involves all professionals and partners from the origin to the top of the of value chain and it includes different training modules such as wine & health, alcohol metabolism, drinking patterns and risks of excessive consumption, guidelines for responsible consumption, responsible serving, alcohol policy and legal frameworks, etc.

Following the general principle of the Wine in Moderation Programme, the educational programmes are implemented and organised at national level and can be tailored to better address specific national and professional groups' needs.

For more information, please check with your national association.

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