Road safety at wine parties: a priority for Vin & Société

Vin et Société & Road prevention

Vin & Société has recently updated its website, regrouping all the actors involved in road safety prevention on one single platform. The aim is to empower the organisers of wine parties and festivals with all the necessary information to inform and educate the consumer about the dangers related to drink driving, raise awareness and implement concrete measures adapted to the setting of a wine festival / party.

Wine festivals are moments of tradition, culture and conviviality; and it is indeed the responsibility of the organizers and authorities to guarantee their smooth running and the safety of visitors.

Vin & Société has placed the problem of road safety at the heart of its concerns since its creation exchanging best practices with numerous actors of the sector, with the strong conviction that only prevention and information actions are effective in combating risky behaviours such as drink driving.

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