Responsible Commercial Communication

Commercial communications: Advertising responsibility
Advertising and commercial communication can be an important tool for producers and companies in helping improve market share, secure customer loyalty and provide the public with product information. At the same time, producers and companies must carry out commercial communications with consideration for the legitimate economic interests of consumers and their right to information and freedom of choice.

Wine Communication Standards

The manner in which wines are traditionally presented, communicated and served to consumers induces moderation. Commercial communications on wine, must comply with the applicable legislation and self-regulatory codes of practice in force with respect to the communication form, content and medium.

The wine sector is committed to social responsibility towards consumers and society by strengthening and intensifying the promotion of responsible wine advertising, and shaping commercial communications for wine products in a way that does not promote harmful consumption. It has therefore established the Wine Communication Standards aimed at promoting best practices whilst taking into account the specific characteristics of the wine sector.

It focuses on:

  • reinforcing the traditions of wine presentation, communication and availability to consumers as a means to promoting moderation and responsibility;
  • ensuring that commercial communications on wine products do not encourage or condone excessive consumption or misuse of any kind.

These standards are established as a set of basic principles which act in tandem with the existing legislation in force and with the requirements of good business practices and provide guidelines for the application of best practices by national self-regulatory mechanisms and company codes.

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