PRESS RELEASE: Professional education: wine, culture, health & responsible drinking

The VET Art de Vivre Partnership

PRESS RELEASE, 05/06/2014, Brussels - VETartdevivre partnership is a European funded programme (LdV-LifeLongLearning) launched in 2012, which brings together key actors from the wine market and education, in a partnership to identify market and training needs in the area of wine, health and responsible drinking and propose a framework for the education of key professionals.

Following 2 years of structured meetings, the
VETartdevivre partnership organised on 05/06/14, in Brussels, the conference “Professional education: wine, culture, health & responsible drinking” with the scope of disseminating the results of the programme and proposing concrete tools for the education of key professionals on wine, health and responsible drinking.

The 9 Partners of the programme presented the key findings of the market and training needs assessment of their respective countries (Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain) and proposed a training framework with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences that each of the 3 identified key professions - Sommelier, Oenologist and Physicians - should possess to properly address alcohol-related harm. The frameworks were created based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the ECVET.

The Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) - programme partner - also presented their successful training programmes in Germany for these 3 vocations showing a concrete training pathway for obtaining the proposed competences.
The VETartdevivre partnership will be mapping and making publically available all relevant trainings on the field, to support professionals all over Europe and the world to find the training that is most relevant.

The professionals especially those in the front end and in direct contact with the consumers are key actors in tackling alcohol-related harm. These professionals must be competent enough to properly address the topic to their customers. With the approaches and tools proposed by the VETartdevivre partnership a big step forward is taken to empower professionals in their everyday working life.

All Partners(Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) aisbl (coordinator), Federación Española del Vino, Deutsche Weinakademie, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Greek Sommelier Association, Pan-Hellenic Association of Registered Oenologist, Unione Italiana Vini, University of Split-Medical School and Vin et Société) are looking forward to supporting the necessary dialogue to introduce these approaches in the official training curricula in their respective countries and at international level.

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