PRESS RELEASE: European Network of Wine Cities joins the Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre Programme

Carme Ribes (General Secretary of RECEVIN) & George Sandeman (President of WIM)

European Network of Wine Cities joins the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme in a partnership to further spread the message of moderation and responsibility in wine drinking

PRESS RELEASE - 07/05/2014, Porto. RECEVIN, the European Network of Wine Cities, is joining forces with WIM Aisbl, the international Association responsible for the coordination and development of the Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme, in the battle against alcohol-related harm, and sustain the millennia old heritage and culture of wine. The WIM Programme is an initiative which aims to promote the values of moderation and responsibility while drinking wine. This is realized through a myriad of smaller or larger, local, national or international actions in the form of information campaigns, professional & consumer education and sector self-regulation.

The main objective of the Partnership agreement, signed on 7th May 2014 in Porto, between the two European associations is for members of RECEVIN (European wine cities) to, on a voluntary basis, establish partnerships at national / local level with the respective national WIM Members (e.g. national wine associations; WIM Ambassador Companies) and work together with consumers and where alcohol-related problems might be found, to establish moderation as a trend and responsibility as a culture, safeguarding the important role of wine in the sustainability of our European Wine Regions.

“Wine is part of a millennia old heritage in Europe. Our roots are in the soil and communities which have grown over time, linked to cultivation, winemaking and commerce, and the moderate and responsible enjoyment of our wines is key to the sustainability of our environment and people. This makes the link with RECEVIN all the more important”, mentioned George TD Sandeman, WIM Aisbl President in his speech.

“Through this agreement, the message of Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre will arrive directly to 80 wine cities that are our direct partners, but will also reach nearly 800 other cities, indirect partners through National Wine Cities Associations in different countries”, mentioned Carme Ribes, RECEVIN General Secretary in her speech.

The event took place in Porto, with the opportunity of the WIM Aisbl General Assembly. The WIM Aisbl counts 3 Members in Portugal namely the Wine Associations ACIBEV & AEVP and the WIM’s Ambassador Company Sogrape Vinhos SA.

Likewise, RECEVIN has a very active and dynamic network of wine cities all over Portugal, represented by AMPV.

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