Online Wine in Moderation campaign for Wim

Wim over wijn

With the aim to bring Wine in Moderation closer to the attention of Dutch consumers, KVNW launched a new online campaign last August. Every 2 weeks a post will be published on Facebook to raise awareness by focusing on wine and food events and increase engagement by providing practical wine tips through animations.

By targeting young adults, adults and experienced drinkers, the end goal is also to attract them to the website where they can find more information about the responsible and moderate consumption of wine but also simple tips on how to best appreciate wine.

Six weeks after the first online post, the campaign has already reached 300,000 people. The flexibility gained from online communication will enable the KVNW to adapt its messages from one week to the next looking to reach even more consumers.

In the next two months, the KVNW will also be assessing whether there is need for more knowledge about wine. The idea being that if the consumer knows more about wine, he or she will also drink more consciously.

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