In Vino Virtus: Italian police launches WIM campaign with UIV

In Vino Virtus: change your drinking, save your life

On the occasion of Vinitaly, the State Police of Verona in collaboration with Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) is launching “In Vino Virtus”– a WIM campaign aimed at raising awareness on the responsible consumption of wine.

For years now, the State Police has been successfully developing campaigns, aiming at raising awareness about the hazards of drink and driving especially among drivers.

Considering that a responsible and moderate consumption of wine can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and taking into account the important involvement of Italian wine producers in the WIM programme and their engagement in encouraging moderate consumption, State Police has called upon UIV to jointly develop labels calling consumers to “change the way you drink”.

With the opportunity of Vinitaly, numerous participating companies who are participating in the campaign have applied the campaign-etiquette “In Vino Virtus” with the name and logo of their companies on a number of bottles which will be exhibited at their stands alongside campaign-branded roll-up banners.

Moreover, some of the campaign-etiquetted bottles have also been sent to the police headquarters in Verona and will be presented together with communication material showing the logo and labels of the participating companies during a press conference prior to the launch in the big Italian Trade Fair.

Press conference interview

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