How do I plan my visit to the wine expo? Follow the Greeks

Guide to a responsible wine fair

What is the best way to plan my visit to the wine expo? Have you ever asked yourself this question in the past? With the expo season going at full speed, the Greek National Inter-professional of Vine and Wine took the matter into their hands a developed a hand out that was distributed in the occasion of the one of the biggest Greek wine expos: Oenorama.

Focusing on 5 key points, the document advised the visitors with simple tips for a moderate wine consumption:

  1. Make a „Plan for action“: It is almost impossible to taste all the wines offered at a wine exhibition. Planning in advance is a smart move... Taste up to 2 wines per producer.

  2. Never go on an empty stomach: Eat something before the wine exhibition. And do not forget to snack throughout your time at the event. [...]

  3. It is better to spit: The goal is to taste, not to drink. We do not forget to use the spitoons. [...]

  4. Water, water...more water: Carrying our own water is crucial. Drinking water after every label we taste is the best way to both appreciate the wine and stay hydrated. [...]

  5. Avoid driving: Taxi, bus, metro or a designated driver are the best ways to get home safe. [...]

  6. A few extras: avoid wearing cologne, perfumes, and lipstick. [...]

These simple tips were shared prior to the expo through the social media accounts of Oenorama and Wines of Greece and 4500 leaflets were handed out to the participants during the expo itself, receiving a very positive reaction from the visitors and through social media.

The Wine in Moderation message was also presented in the occasion of the wine expo of Wines of Crete OinNotika, encouraging moderation and facilitating responsibility.

To have a better look at the hand out, click here.

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