Growing Social Responsibility Movement

When the Wine in Moderation Programme was launched in 2008, it was a big step for the wine sector. For the first time, all relevant actors within the European wine industry had come together to develop a comprehensive programme to promote responsibility and moderation in wine consumption.

This single common programme was designed to be easily adapted and implemented to local needs respecting cultural diversity and regional identities. Wine in Moderation is coordinated by national wine associations and is implemented with the cooperation and support of thousands of local wine actors among which the WiM Ambassadors (leading wine companies) and direct members of the WiM Association who set the example and support action at national and international level.

This programme promotes moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm, safeguarding the central place of wine in the gastronomic and cultural heritage of our societies while preventing and reducing alcohol misuse and abuse and related harm.

The Programme aims to:

  • Engage and empower the whole wine sector to defend wine culture inherited values of moderation and responsibility and contribute in the reduction of alcohol-related harm.
  • Establish self-regulation and promote responsible commercial communication.

Today, WiM Association is rapidly growing beyond EU geographical borders and the framework of the European institutions establishing the Wine in Moderation Programme as the common global wine sector commitment with the aim of securing responsible & moderate wine consumption patterns as a social and cultural norm by spreading the wine in moderation message.

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