Friends of Glass maps Europeans’ taste

Which taste are you ?

Friends of Glass-FEVE – WIM Partner – is launching a new campaign: “Taste of Europe” with the aim to discover which tastes best represent the diverse range of cultures across Europe ranging from the spiciness of the Mediterranean to the saltiness of Central Europe.

The association has already started the journey by working with global taste experts such as Andreas Larsson, World’s Best Wine Sommelier, and Professor Giorgio Calabrese, a renowned Italian Nutritionist, to define the basis for the Taste Map, but it will be the consumers’ turn to take up the challenge now.

Food and drink is a huge part of the European culture – it brings people together, and it is a key ingredient for special moments and celebrations, and experiencing wine with food is engaging wine in its preferred natural habitat. Indeed, the appreciation of wine can be broken down into three different areas: appearance, smell and taste. All three are important aspects of each wine’s character, but taste is considered to be the most critical as it encompasses both flavour and texture and confirms the wine’s characteristics.

Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) has supported FEVE campaigns with the message of moderation and responsibility since the start of their partnership in 2011. For example, WIM embraced the recycling campaign “
Pass the Bottle" by featuring the “Wine in Moderation, Art de Vivre” message to further spread the word about responsible drinking.

Please follow the links here for more information about the
Partnership between FEVE & WIM and the #MapYourTaste campaign.

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