FICB presents Wine in Moderation to its members

The International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods

On 28 January 2017, Noélie Genevey – WiM Association Board Administrator presented the Wine in Moderation programme to the members of the Federation of Wine Brotherhoods in the occasion of their general assembly that took place in Paris, France; building on the great heritage of wine and opening to a new public.

The International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods joined the Wine in Moderation Programme as Associated Partner in June 2016 and has been actively communicating wine in moderation to its members and raising awareness on the risks of the abusive use of alcohol by inspiring responsible patterns of wine consumption, compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

The strong links of wine with society, the long-standing tradition of wine appreciation, and its harmonious association with food and gastronomy are the common values shared by the two international associations, which set the basis for the activities organised by the FICB in the frame of the Wine in Moderation programme.

By including the concepts of reasonable and reasoned consumption of wine in their events and their communication, the members of the FICB share « their reason and their love for wine » and show their commitment to the Wine in Moderation programme.

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