Education: a key tool for Wine in Moderation

Following the Oenologists‘ training curriculum, a new resolution was adopted during the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)’s General Assembly that took place in Bulgaria last month; introducing Wine in Moderation in the training curriculum of Sommeliers. With both resolutions making a clear reference and recommendation on wine, health and responsible practices training; Wine in Moderation is recognised as a necessity for wine professionals.

Wine in Moderation has been involved in education since the launch of the programme, shaping the educational offer through collaborations at international level and partnerships at numerous other levels. Starting with small training material, Wine in Moderation has been thriving to develop innovative educative tools and approaches to reach more actors in more countries, establishing social responsibility as a must in wine professionals’ education.

From managers, to oenologists, sommeliers, and other employees in hospitality (bartenders, waiters, etc.); Wine in Moderation has been establishing partnerships at various geographical levels but also at different educational levels aiming to reach and educate the largest number of professionals of the wine sector.

Through partnerships with the HoReCa sector and Vocational Schools, members of the WiM Association have been introducing and establishing trainings on responsible service and drinking in Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Argentina and the Netherlands. These trainings are targeting current or future wine professionals that are in direct contact with the consumer about responsible serving and everything that it entails, and empowering them with all the necessary knowledge and competences to address harmful drinking.

Wine in Moderation has also been working with renowned universities, training tomorrow’s leaders and enabling them with social responsibility, to show them the importance of a sustainable wine culture for a sustainable wine business. Geisenheim University in Germany, Kedge Business School and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique of Toulouse in France, the International Vintage Master, the International Master of Wine law of Reims University, but also the OIV Master in Wine Management are a few examples of schools that have included social responsibility and the Wine in Moderation programme in their courses.

The increasing demand for partnerships at all levels shows the true will of the sector and educational providers to include CSR and social responsibility in their educational offer. Wine in Moderation will continue developing solutions and diversifying its tools to reach more wine professionals and expand partnerships to enable tomorrow’s wine professionals. Important Partnerships with leading wine education institutes will soon be announced further establishing the education on wine in moderation and social responsibility.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Wine in Moderation (for courses at international level) and your national coordinator to establish trainings at national level.

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