Designated drivers are rewarded by wineries for their responsibility

2014 Bodegas Abiertas logo

With over 40 wineries participating each year, Bodegas Abiertas is one of the biggest wine tourism events aiming at spreading oenoturism activities and opening the participant wineries to the public. Bodegas de Argentina was one of the organisers of this year’s event and by extent the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme was a part of Bodegas Abiertas as well.

Within the actions that were carried out on the day of the event, a Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre action was organised: "designated drivers" were not only given a wristband with the WIM logo, they also received prizes and gifts from the wineries to reward them for their responsibility.

Leaflets with WIM tips were also distributed to visitors in order to promote a responsible consumption of wine.

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