DWA symposium at the German Congress of Internal Medicine - Wine and cancer risk

The topic “Alcoholic beverages/wine and cancer risk” was at the centre of the DWA Symposium which took place in Mannheim, Germany, last April.

The symposium is organised every year in parallel with the Congress of Internal Medicine to present and discuss key topics on wine and health. Mostly physicians of internal medicine attended the Congress and the symposium; part of the symposium will also be available as an e-learning tool of continuing education for those physicians who could not attend.

The speakers of the symposium were renowned scientists: Prof. Nicolai Worm, Munich, Prof. Ramon Estruch from the University Hospital of Barcelona, both active members of the Wine Information Council. Prof. Kristian Rett (chair of the Scientific Board of the DWA) led a lively discussion which closed the symposium.

The hundreds of physicians who actively attended the symposium appreciated the objective and open presentations of the scientific evidence about the important subject “Alcoholic beverages/wine and cancer risk”.

For more information on the content of the presentation, we invite you to visit the Wine Information Council Website by clicking here.

Through scientific symposia, the Deutsche Weinakademie informs physicians and other health professionals on “wine, health and social aspects”. This professional group was purposely chosen as the primary target group since they have the scientific background to understand and evaluate the research data and inform their patients profoundly about the benefits and risks of wine consumption, thus, acting as effective multipliers.

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