Commissioner Hogan congratulates Wine in Moderation for results achieved since 2008

Commissioner Hogan

In a letter addressed to WiM Association president at the end of 2017, Commissioner Hogan congratulated Wine in Moderation on the important work that has been achieved since the launch of the programme in 2008.

In Commissioner Hogan’s words: “Harmful consumption of alcohol is a major concern that has health, social and economic impacts. The importance of informing consumers about the effects of irresponsible drinking and the need for educational programmes focussing on responsible and healthy behaviour in close cooperation with public authorities and independent bodies are among important measures to tackle alcohol-related harm.”

He continues “Wine in Moderation actions are essential for a sustainable development of the sector. I can only welcome any evidence based stakeholder initiative aiming at effectively fighting problematic drinking behaviour and leading to reduction of alcohol related harm.”

George Sandeman, president of the WiM Association reiterated the commitment of the wine sector: “We will remain firm in our commitment for the sustainable development of the wine sector and we pursue our efforts to contribute to the reduction alcohol-related harm through education and science-based information.”

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