Bodegas de Argentina keeps the momentum going

Since it joined the Wine in Moderation Programme in 2013, Bodegas de Argentina has been building and enhancing wine as a culinary, cultural and social experience.

With the objective to teach consumers the negative implications of excessive drinking, Bodegas de Argentina has been very active in creating partnerships (national fairs, Universities, water companies, etc.), developing communication material and generally getting the Wine in Moderation message of moderation and responsibility closer to the consumer.

Along the years, Bodegas de Argentina has thus made sure to empower all its materials, events and professionals with the Wine in Moderation responsibility message. And this year is no different.

Campaign: Join the Wine in Moderation Programme as WiM Supporter

With the goal of further increasing the reach of the programme, Bodegas de Argentina recently launched a social media campaign aiming to encourage wineries to join Wine in Moderation as WiM Supporters and take responsible action. WiM supporters are all those entities that join the programme at national level, adhere to the values, principles and objectives of the Wine in Moderation programme and actively support its implementation under the guidance of the Bodegas de Argentina in Argentina.

Responsible actions at events

As it was already the case previous years, Bodegas de Argentina has reiterated its responsible actions in the occasion of its famous national wine fairs.

The Mendoza Wine Fair, one of the most important events in Mendoza, attended by more than 3,500 people and with over 30 wineries present, introduced the Wine in Moderation message through joint digital communication and by offering mineral water to all participants.

In parallel, Bodegas Abiertas, which is one of the biggest wine tourism events aiming at spreading oenotourism activities and opening the participating wineries to the public; rewarded the responsible designated driver of each group visiting the wineries. In every winery, the responsible driver was rewarded for the responsibility of taking the group from one winery to the next.

The French Paradox – an international Colloquium

Following the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the French Paradox last year, Bodegas de Argentina decided to have another go and organised an international Colloquium on Wine and Health.

Carried out by Dr. Raúl Pastor, the Fourth Chair of Internal Medicine, Polyphenols, Wine and Health Unit, this colloquium aimed at providing the latest information regarding various scientific studies on wine, health and social aspects, with a specific interest on the French Paradox.

WinExperts Argentina

The educational branch of Bodegas de Argentina is represented through the WinExperts, a wine school based in the headquarters of BdA, which offers different types of wine courses every day of the week. Each course starts with an explanation of the responsible consumption guidelines and the Wine in Moderation message of appreciation. More than 300 students attend the courses annually.

Bodegas de Argentina was the first member from South America to implement the Wine in Moderation Programme outside the European continent and quickly became a great implementation example, guiding other members.

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