A roadtrip through South America

Wine in Moderation goes to South America

Last October 2016, the WiM Secretariat dropped their luggage in South America for three weeks to visit their members in Argentina and Chile and expand the Wine in Moderation programme’s reach to other important wine producing countries in South America.

Argentina: a well-established programme

The South American trip started in Argentina, a country famous for football, tango, and wine; and with one thing linking them all together: passion! Passion is also what has been driving the Argentinian wine sector since they joined the Wine in Moderation Programme in 2013.

Following its visit in 2014, this was the occasion for the WiM Secretariat to learn in more details the important work that Bodegas de Argentina and the Argentinean wine companies have put together during the last 2 years.

Bodegas de Argentina at work with Wine in Moderation

The one-day workshop organized in Buenos Aires, by the Wine in Moderation Commission of Bodegas de Argentina, was the perfect opportunity to meet with executives of renowned wine companies, such as Norton, Tapiz and of course the Argentinean affiliates of our Ambassador companies Moët Hennessy and Pernod Ricard and learn more about how their HR, communication and marketing departments have included Wine in Moderation in their day-to-day work. It also gave the opportunity to WiM Association to present the Programme Strategy, the new tools and share good practices developed in other WiM countries.

« The visit of Stylianos Filopoulos and Nadia Frittella from the WiM Association was very important for our Chamber and for our WiM Commission” said Natalia Alvarez, Bodegas de Argentina, coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Argentina. She continued “we very much appreciated the organization of this workshop, to receive and collect information about Wine in Moderation activities and learn more about how to feed Wine in Moderation in Argentina. We are very thankful and happy to be a part of this important CSR programme”.

It is a pleasure for us to meet with leading wine companies that drive the Wine in moderation movement in Argentina, under the coordination of the Bodegas de Argentina. Their dedication and passion has resulted in an important national programme that brings the wine in moderation message closer to both professionals and consumers” said Stylianos Filopoulos, Director of the WiM Association who also handed over the Wine in Moderation National Coordinator certificate to Bodegas de Argentina (BAAC).

Dr. Patricia Ortiz, a doctor, a passionate winemaker and the Chair of the Wine & Health Commission received the certificate on behalf of the Argentinean Association.
Dr. Patricia Ortiz & Stylianos Filopoulos

Several meetings were also organized to discuss the implementation of the programme and plan the future WiM actions in the country.

Uruguay – a new wine & food destination

The Wine in Moderation team took the opportunity of their presence on the continent to visit Uruguay and its wineries. Just a boat trip away from Buenos Aires, lies in fact the beautiful city of Montevideo where its active wine sector is led by INAVI, the National Institute of Vitiviniculture of Uruguay.

With the aim of uniting the whole wine sector under the Wine in Moderation programme and further expanding the impact of the message in South America, the WiM Secretariat met with José María Lez Secchi, President of the INAVI. While Wine in Moderation presented the programme, its activities, this was also the opportunity to discover the sensible approach and the activities of the Institute towards sustainability and social responsibility. The discussion explored the ways in which the wine sector in Uruguay could join Wine in Moderation and how a national programme could be structured and coordinated by the INAVI in Uruguay.

It was a pleasure to see the strong motivation and commitment of the Uruguayan wine sector to social responsibility and we sincerely hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming them soon in the WiM family” said Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association.

The visit in Uruguay was also the occasion to meet with important stakeholders of the industry from Pernod Ricard to Bauza, but also to discover the Uruguay gastronomic wealth and its unique culture, with the guidance of the Director of Placer, a specialized magazine solely dedicated to the philosophy of good living, gastronomy, wines, spirits, travelling, etc.

Chile: a structured wine sector ready to bring change

After the fruitful meetings of the first week, WiM Secretariat passed the beautiful Andes and arrived in Santiago de Chile to visit its member Vinos de Chile.

When it first joined Wine in Moderation, Vinos de Chile was already very active in CSR with its Sustainability Code. By joining the movement, the Chilean wine sector strengthened its commitment by including through Wine in Moderation a social dimension, the responsibility with consumers.

Following the official launch of the programme in 2014, the presence of the Wine in Moderation team once again in Chile, was the perfect opportunity to organize a sustainability seminar which gathered over 50 wineries executives from all over Chile.

The president of the Chilean Association, Mario Pablo Silva, who opened the seminar and confirmed Vinos de Chile’s strong commitment to sustainability and wine in moderation; was also presented with the Wine in Moderation Certificate for National Coordinators.
Stylianos Filopoulos & Mario Pablo Silva

Wine in Moderation followed with a two-step presentation. The first part was solely dedicated to presenting the new WiM Strategy for 2015 – 2019, the programme, its vision, values, missions, etc. while the second part outlined the big lines of the “Implementation Guide” giving more concrete explanations and examples as to how winemakers can implement the programme in their wineries with very simple steps.

The presentation of the implementation guide triggered a lot of positive discussions” said Nadia Frittella, Communication & Event Manager “and we were delighted to see the wineries’ great interest in the programme and as to how they can communicate to consumers”.

Stylianos Filopoulos speaking at the Sustainability Seminar of Vinos de Chile Nadia Frittella speaking at the Sustainability Seminar of Vinos de Chile Angelica Valenzuela, Nadia Frittella, Stylianos Filopoulos, Claudio Cilveti

The Wine in Moderation presentation was followed by two different interventions focusing on wine & health Inés Urquiaga, Scientific Coordinator from the Catholic University ofChile and the implementation of the Sustainability code by Gonzalo Pérez, Oenologist from Viña Cremaschi.

Additional meetings were organized in parallel with Wines of Chile, the body responsible for the promotion of Chilean wines on the national and international market, to assess how to further include Wine in Moderation in their communication, and various activities.

Patricio Parra, General Manager of the Wine Consortium, said “the visit of the WiM team in Chile, was very important for us. We discussed the next actions for 2017 and we had an excellent workshop with Chilean wineries. This initiative represents the commitment of our association with consumers, which is part of the actions in the field of Social Responsibility.”

Brazil welcomes the 39th OIV Congress and shows interest in Wine in Moderation

With the opportunity of the 2016 OIV congress, the final step of the South American road trip brought the WiM team to the Atlantic forest of Brazil and more specifically to the wine city Bento Gonçalves located in the most southern state of the country.

In parallel to the participation to the Congress that took place from 23 to 28 October, Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association, was also invited by IBRAVIN to present the Wine in Moderation programme to the principal Brazilian wine actors on 25 October 2016.
Brazilian Wine Sector

IBRAVIN and WiM Association have already discussed and planned the approach for the implementation of a National Wine in Moderation Programme in Brazil. The meeting which was attended by representatives of the wine sector, public authorities and various associations, was a great occasion to present Wine in Moderation and engage all Brazilian stakeholders in the international social responsibility movement of the wine sector.

It was important to have the presence of the Wine in Moderation team to explain the programme” said Carlos Raimundo Paviani, CEO of IBRAVIN the Brazilian Wine Institute; “and the project is being considered positively for its relevance” he continued.

39th OIV Congress & OIV’s General Assembly

The WiM Secretariat also followed the proceedings of the 39th OIV Congress as well as the expert’s meetings of the OIV Commissions.

Monika Christmann at the 39th OIV Congress The OIV General Assembly that was held after the Congress approved several resolutions, that had been prepared during the previous years among which the “OIV general principles of sustainable vitiviniculture - environmental - social - economic and cultural aspects” and theTraining programs for oenologists”. Both make a clear reference and recommendation on wine, health and responsible practices training. The Wine in Moderation Programme has education in its principles and missions and from the very beginning has been a strong advocate of education of both professionals and consumers.

We are delighted to see that our commitment in education and our efforts to empower professional are recognized at higher level. We are going to continue our efforts at international level as OIV Observers and through partnerships at national and international level, to improve knowledge and safeguard a sustainable wine culture that always inspires healthy lifestyles and well-being.” said Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association.

Wine in Moderation Ambassadors giving the example

The WiM Secretariat could not be in South America and not meet the affiliates of some of the WiM Ambassador Companies to see the important work they are putting into the programme at national level as well. With their leadership, their social responsibility commitment and their notable wine brands, they have an important role to play in spreading the Wine in Moderation message of art de vivre and supporting the national implementation of the programme in the various countries by working hand in hand with the national coordinators.

Several visits were therefore planned and WiM Secretariat had the pleasure to meet Moët Hennessy Argentina in their beautiful offices of Buenos Aires. Wine in Moderation’s latest developments were presented and a discussion followed on the additional actions that could be undertaken in the fields of education and information.

A meeting with Pernod Ricard Wine Affiliates was also organized giving the opportunity to learn more about the actions taken in the frame of the Wine in Moderation programme in both Uruguay and Argentina.

The road trip through South America was a great opportunity to follow up with Wine in Moderation’s members on the continent and to present the programme to additional countries. Many delegations expressed their interest in the programme showing the growing involvement of leading wine companies and representative wine associations in the Wine in Moderation movement.

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