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The famous Dutch food channel “24 Kitchen” has recently joined the Wine in Moderation programme in The Netherlands. Active through its TV channel, its website, and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), “24 Kitchen” is a food & lifestyle platform that has been awarded best digital broadcaster and website three times in row.

Mainly focused on cooking classes, restaurants, competitions and travelling; the famous food channel decided to add another bow to its arch and recently started including programmes solely dedicated to wine. With the aim of embracing social sustainability, the channel saw in Wine in Moderation the perfect partner.

The core of the partnership is a new TV programme called: “The white, rosé and red trip through the USA”*, where we follow Harold Hamersma** and Ronald Giphart** through the hills of California. These two well-known Dutch personalities visit the American vineyards enjoying the art of moderate wine drinking and gastronomy always making sure to include a small tip as to how to best enjoy a glass of wine.

The TV show will be supported by a number of additional activities: including the Wine in Moderation message on the homepage of the channel, sending out a dedicated newsletter about Wine in Moderation, including branded banners, posts on Social Media; an animated version of the friendly Wim even joined the launch of the TV show. Wine in Moderation will also be presented as Partner of the programme before, during and after the broadcast.

Through “24 Kitchen”, the Wine in Moderation message will reach a large audience: 4 million people of 18 years and older through television, 870.000 visitors per month on the website with a total of 4.7 million page views.

KVNW joined Wine in Moderation in 2015 and launched the Wim over Wijn campaign in the early months after it joined the movement.

* Translated from the Dutch: ‘De Wit, rosé en roodtrip door de USA

** Harold Hamersma is a famous wine writer and Ronald Giphart is a famous book writer.

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