A Guide to enhance your wine tastings

Guidelines for a responsible wine tasting

Wine in Moderation has always believed that a greater understanding of tasting and appreciation of wine can improve the consumer’s enjoyment and as a result generate a more moderate and responsible consumption.

The WiM Association has therefore recently developed a new “Guide for Tasting” destined at wineries and bigger wine companies to give easy and ready to use tips and hints to enhance their wine tastings and further improve and facilitate a responsible and moderation consumption of wine.

From “ensuring that the participants are above the legal drinking age” to “serving small portions” and “making available information about public transportation and taxi services” these tips and hints provide a range of ideas that wineries can simply include during their tastings.

By showing their commitment and interest for the health and well-being of their participants, by providing information about wine, health and responsible drinking and by facilitating responsibility, wine companies will share their passion for wine and show a true commitment to fight alcohol-related harm.

Developed in the frame of the partnership with the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods with the aim of always communicating responsible drinking, the Guide is now available on the Wine in Moderation website in English and French. We invite all of you who would like to use it to co-brand it with your company’s logos if you wish and of course to not hesitate to include any other tip that you deem necessary. Don’t hesitate to visit our website for any information and we invite you to get in touch if you have any questions regarding our “Tasting Guide”.

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