3 days dedicated to wine in moderation – the programme launch in Greece

Wine in Moderation launch Greece

The National Inter-Professional Organization of Wine and Vine (EDOAO – Wines of Greece) launched the Wine in Moderation programme with a week filled with important activities from 29 November to 4 December 2016.

Day 1: annual conference kicks off the launch of the programme in Greece

The launch of the programme started off with the organization of a conference which gathered the Greek wine business, media and policy and decision makers. Organized every year at the same period, the conference presents the activities of the past year and the latest news. This year’s conference was therefore the perfect occasion to launch the National Wine in Moderation programme and present to the Greek wineries, its missions and objectives and of course how join and implement at local level thanks to the online registration procedure and the Implementation guide which were recently developed.

The conference proved very successful and the Wine in Moderation Programme was warmly welcomed. Many interesting points were raised by the audience initiating good discussions for the implementation of the programme in the country.

Day 2: Meeting with the Wine Tourism Committee & a Wine Lover’s interview

The second day started with a meeting with the “Wine Tourism Committee”. The importance of oenotourism and its involvement with Wine in Moderation was put forward and various activities were discussed.

The day followed with a two-hours radio interview organized on Amagi Radio. The radio show, organized every week by Wine Lovers, Popi Walick and Helen Blouchou, travels with the auditor through wine trails, taste and gastronomy and guides them on all topics related to wine. On the 29th of November, Stylianos Filopoulos – Director of the WiM Association and Maria Triantafyllou – Director of EDOAO were invited to present the Wine in Moderation Programme, the launch of the programme in Greece and the different sorts of activities that have been organized in the frame of the Programme in other participating countries.

Following the successful broadcast, the radio show has also joined the Wine in Moderation programme in Greece supporting the actions to encourage moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine .

Day 3: The map of flavours invites Wine in Moderation

To close these three days dedicated to the launch of the Programme, EDOAO presented the Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre Programme during the "Map of Flavours" event on Sunday, December 4th that took place in the frame of the 2016 Thessaloniki Food Festival.

The event, which takes place every year, is the annual reunion of the wine and gastronomy world in Thessaloniki, it was a perfect opportunity to presented the Wine in Moderation to the large audience of the event.

Dr. John Voyatzis, President of the Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine, started with a presentation of the various implementations of the programme in other WiM countries as well as Greece's action plan for 2017 that will be based on the long wine tradition of the country.

Constantinos Lazarakis, Master of Wine (MW), continued. Representing the Institute of Masters of Wine, which concluded a strategic partnership with Wine in Moderation beginning of 2016, the Master of Wine explained his experience on both the global trends and how to best track wine education.

Last but not least, Heleni Sotiriou from the Municipality of Thessaloniki, presented the planning of the municipality for actions related to the moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

The National Inter-Professional Organization of Wine and Vine (EDOAO) became the 14th National Coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Greece in August 2016 and will be launching a series of activities in 2017. Stay in touch!

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