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Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto - AEVP

Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto

Η Ένωση Εταιρειών Κρασιού Πόρτο (AEVP) είναι μια μη κερδοσκοπική οργάνωση που δημιουργήθηκε στην Πορτογαλία τον Ιανουάριο του 1975. Η AEVP αποτελείται από 17 μέλη τα οποία εκπροσωπούν περίπου το 90% των συνολικών πωλήσεων πόρτο και 35% των συνολικών πωλήσεων κρασιών Ντόουρο με ΠΟΠ (Προστατευόμενη Ονομασία Προέλευσης) και ΠΓΕ (Προστατευόμενη Γεωγραφική Ένδειξη), ποσοστά που δείχνουν τη σημαντική της θέση στην αγορά.

Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto - AEVP

207 Rua Dr. António Granjo
4400-124 Vila Nova de Gaia

Από 10/09/2019
The annual celebration of Port Wine
As previous editions, the Porto Wine Day® took place on 10 September for the annual celebration of Port Wine. 5,000 people participated at the three main events that constituted the sixth edition of the Porto Wine Day®: - 2017 Vintage Port Tasting and Vintage Proclamation Ceremony 2017 | 7 September - Port Wine day® Sunset Party [...]
Από 23/05/2019 Προς 23/05/2019
Porto Fashion Week meets Wine in Moderation
Last 23 May, AEVP welcomed the 2019 finalists of the Porto Fashion School in the occasion of the Port Wine Fashion. The fashion show, which took place in the pedagogical Center of AEVP, was attended by 120 participants who also found more information on the Wine in Moderation Programme and the importance of enjoying wine in moderation and responsi [...]
Από 01/09/2018 Προς 10/10/2018
The Port Wine Day – a celebratory event
For its fifth edition, the Port Wine Day, which took place on September 10th, gathered the best Port producers to present their best wines and welcomed over 5000 visitors. With the aim to become a worldwide celebration of Port, the Port and Douro Wines Institute and the Association of Port Wine Companies invited journalists from around the world w [...]
Από 22/03/2018 Προς 24/03/2018
Fashion and moderate consumption of wine mix in the city of Porto, Portugal
The 42nd edition of Portugal Fashion Autumn-Winter 2018/19 took place in the City Park of Porto on 22, 23 and 24 March. A true fashion city was created in the largest urban park of the country, where a megastructure was installed. With no less than three big fashion areas each comfortably accommodating about 1,000 spectators per show, the fashion c [...]
Από 09/11/2017 Προς 03/01/2018
A Christmas special for the Portuguese campaign “Do you know how to be moderate”
Launched in March 2017, the Portuguese campaign “Do you know how to be moderate” * closed the year with a number of important actions carried out in the city of Porto. An awareness campaign with a special emphasis on Christmas and New Year’s Eve was indeed developed in the central streets of the city, mainly near bars, and consisted in the d [...]
Από 28/09/2017 Προς 28/09/2017
Fashion and wine in Porto
It is during the Porto Fashion Week Night Out (PFWNO) that AEVP organised the “Wine Urban Art/Wine Spot” during which the Street Artist “Contra” created a live graffiti representing a glass of wine. Port wine cocktails were offered to the guests together with information about the appreciation of wine in moderation through leaflets, postcar [...]
Από 10/09/2017 Προς 10/09/2017
Did you say Port Wine?
The Port Wine Day is the annual celebration of Port Wine that takes place every 10 September. This event, which aims to be a worldwide celebration of Port, is organised on the historical date when its designation of origin was first created in 1756. For its fourth edition, the Port Wine day looked to reach even more people involving restaurants, b [...]
Από 11/11/2016 Προς 14/11/2016
‘Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores’ and responsibility make one
For the second consecutive year, “Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores”, one of the biggest and oldest event for wine and gastronomy in Portugal, adopted the moderation message and organised targeting drink and driving and encouraging a responsible wine consumption. As with any other alcoholic beverage, the consumption of wine affects the capacity t [...]
Από 21/11/2015 Προς 22/11/2015
“Porto.Come” – a fine balance between wine and food
The Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP) attended the 7th Edition of “Porto.Come” – an event dedicated to wine and gastronomy. With 2 Wine in Moderation stands at the event, one at the entrance with information about the Wine in Moderation Programme (brochures, leaflets, etc.) and another one at the exit with alcohol breathalysers, AEVP [...]
Από 21/11/2015 Προς 22/11/2015
The “Porto e Douro Wine Show” is responsible
Between 21 and 22 November 2015, the Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP) attended the 9th edition of the “Porto e Douro Wine Show” and was present with a Wine in Moderation stand to distribute information about the Wine in Moderation Programme and responsible consumption. The Wine Show has the aim to celebrate the best wines of the Douro [...]
Από 01/07/2015 Προς 12/08/2015
Success for TV campaign about responsible consumption
“A Moderação leva sempre a melhor” – the spot developed by the Association of Port Wine Companies reached the end of its second phase and was aired 252 times on Portuguese National Television RTP1 and RTP Informação between 1st July and 12 August 2015. With the aim of making moderation fun and fresh, this campaign shows two kinds of peop [...]
Από 14/10/2014 Προς 11/01/2015
“A Moderação leva sempre a melhor” a Portuguese TV Campaign about responsible consumption
Developed by the Association of Port Wine Companies, the TV Campaign “A Moderação leva sempre a melhor” was aired over 200 times on Portuguese National television (RTP1 and RTP2). Constructed on a double approach, the spot which was aired between 14 October 2014 and 11 January 2015, presents different kinds of people, opposing those who by e [...]
Από 01/04/2011 Προς 30/04/2011
Portuguese WIM Campaign (Phase 1)
1st Wave of actions was lead by AEVP: Advertising in CinemasWIM was placed in 4 weekly Cinema Guides-Programme and a 15'' WIM spot was displayed over a one-month period in 20 cinemas in Porto. This action had an average audience of 120,000 people. Street Video PanelsThe video panels act as giant television screens and were strategically l [...]
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