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Η Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) είναι ιδρυτικό μέλος της WiM Association και ο Εθνικός Συντονιστής του προγράμματος στη Γερμανία. Η DeutscheWeinakademie (DWA) ως μέρος του Γερμανικού Ταμείου Οίνου αντιπροσωπεύει ολόκληρο το γερμανικό οινικό κλάδο και είναι υπεύθυνη για την υλοποίηση του προγράμματος Wine in Moderation για λογαριασμό ενώσεων και ινστιτούτων του οινικού κλάδου (Bundesverband der Deutschen Weinkellereienund des Weinfachhandels e.V., Deutscher Weinbauverbande.V., Deutscher Raiffeisenverband e.V., IHK Trierfür die DIHK und dem Verband Deutscher Weinexporteuree.V., Deutscher Weinfond και Verband DeutscherSektkellereien).

Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH

Platz des Weines 2
55294 Bodenheim

Από 16/10/2019
The Deutsche Weinakademie organises seminar on responsible advertising of wine
Mid-October, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) organised an advertising seminar in Mainz, Germany. The speakers Ms. Katja Heintschel von Heinegg (German Advertising Standards Council) and Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer (DWA) informed actors of the wine sector and advertising experts how to plan and implement responsible wine advertising. Dr. Claudia Stein [...]
Από 04/11/2018 Προς 06/11/2018
Lower-alcohol wines taste inferior - false perception or reality ? Deutsche Weinakademie asked Intervitis fair visitors
Do lower-alcohol wines "automatically" taste inferior? How do representatives of the wine sector react to this topic? Is this topic better avoided because it is assumed that a lower-alcohol wine cannot be tasty? Maybe the answer is not the one you thought it would be. During the 2018 Intervitis wine fair, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) wanted t [...]
Από 26/11/2016 Προς 30/11/2016
Intervitis interfructa welcomes Wine in Moderation
Deutsche Weinakademie was present at Intervitis Interfructa with the Wine in Moderation message to raise the wine sector’s awareness on the issues related to drink and driving. After putting Wine in Moderation at the centre of the 38th OIV Congress in 2015 in Germany, the Deutsche Weinkademie gave it another go on the occasion of INTERVITIS INTE [...]
Από 20/05/2015 Προς 20/05/2015
Wine experts: ambassadors of responsible consumption?
With the goal to increase wine experts’ professional and personal competences, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) has taken the initiative to offer a one-day Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre seminar to a number of them. Wine professionals are often first in line when talking to consumers; these professionals should thus be well informed about iss [...]
Από 04/05/2015 Προς 04/05/2015
Sector self-regulation at the heart of discussions
Responsible wine communication was recently at the centre of discussions in Germany. Invited at the yearly symposium of the German Raiffeisen Federation, Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer from the Deutsche Weinakademie presented what is currently being done by the wine sector to reinforce responsible commercial communication of wine. Voluntary self-regulat [...]
Από 17/12/2014 Προς 17/12/2014
Prizes for Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre students of German vocational schools
Educating young wine professionals is an important focus in the work of the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) when implementing the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) initiative in Germany. During a one-day seminar, students learn about health benefits of moderate wine drinking, the associated risks to excessive consumption as well as the legal framew [...]
Από 07/11/2014 Προς 07/11/2014
WIM presented to German university students
Last November, a special event was organised at the University of Cologne by the Students’ organisation and the Forum of Young Chemists. This event entitled “Perspectives – a tandem experiment” offered the possibility to have two separate perspectives on one topic. Wine, one of the five topics of the evening, was also examined from 2 differ [...]
Από 18/06/2012 Προς 22/06/2012
WIM presentation at the 35th World Congress of Vine and Wine of OIV in Turkey
The OIV Scientific Congress gave the opportunity to introduce the Wine in Moderation initiative to delegates and experts from all over the world. U. Fradera (WINE in MODERATION – more than social responsibility) presented the objectives of the WIM movement and concluded that binge drinking is not compatible with enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle. [...]
Από 12/05/2011 Προς 12/05/2011
Prevention of alcohol misuse Round table discussion: Binge drinking or Art de Vivre or is there anything in between?
This controversial topic was discussed by representatives of different stakeholders such as: Lawyer J. Busse (German Advertising Standards Council), Dr. S. Etgeton (Federal Consumer Protection Association), Dr. T. Holzer (Federal Ministry of Health, Department of the German Drug Commissioner), Dr. R. Nickenig (German Wine Sector) and Prof. N. Worm [...]
Από 01/01/2008
WIM as part of the professional training curriculum
As part of the Art de Vivre "life-skills" education pillar of WIM, the DWA developed its own training programme and tools for one-day seminars in wine-related Vocational Education and Training establishments. The training programme includes 4 sections: a) The WIM programme, alcohol policy and legal framework; b) Health effects of wine & other [...]

The role of wine in prevention – from a medical and a sociological perspective
With scientific symposia, the Deutsche Weinakademie informs physicians and other health professionals (high profile multipliers) competently about “Wine, health and social aspects”. This professional group was purposely chosen as the primary target group since they have the scientific background to understand and evaluate the research data and [...]
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