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Vin et Société

Η ένωση Vin & Société δημιουργήθηκε το 2003. Αντιπροσωπεύει τη γαλλική βιομηχανία οίνου με στόχο να διαδώσει γνώση αναφορικά με το κρασί και την κουλτούρα του και να προωθήδρι την υπεύθυνη κατανάλωση.

Τα μέλη του είναι:

  • 21 περιφερειακές διεπαγγελματικές ομάδες που αντιπροσωπεύουν όλους τους οινοποιούς της περιοχής

  • 7 εθνικές οργανώσεις: εμπόριο (UMVIN); παραγωγή (CNAOC, VIF, CCVF, Vin IGP) ; CNIV και ANIVIN de France.

Κατά τα έτη 2011 και 2013, η Vin & Société συγκεντρώθηκε στην επικοινωνία των κατεθυντήριων γραμμών κατανάλωσης και στην οινική κουλτούρα, διαφυλάσσοντας έτσι την κατανάλωση με μέτρο ως κοινωνικό κανόνα. Επενδύοντας γύρω στα 2 εκ. ευρώ σε επικοινωνιακές καμπάνιες και εκπαιδευτικές δραστηριότητες, ο γαλλικός οινικός τομέας μέσω της Vin&Société, κατάφερε να ευαισθητοποιήσει τη γαλλική κοινωνία (καταναλωτές, επαγγελματίες και άλλοι ενδιαφερόμενοι φορείς).

Vin & Société

12 rue Sainte Anne
75001 Paris

Από 14/04/2020 Προς 01/06/2020
Vin et Société partners with the French Union of Sommeliers during the COVID-19 crisis
Philippe Faure-Brac, Best Sommelier of the World 1992 and current President of the French Union of Sommeliers, launched in partnership with Vin & Société, an Insta Lives meeting called #TastewhileConfined starting Tuesday, April 14 inviting their respective communities on Instagram to stay in touch during the lock down, and to preserve moment [...]
Από 31/03/2020 Προς 01/06/2020
Vin et Société launches communication initiatives during COVID-19 crisis
Covid-19. For those who stay at home and for those who go to work, the period of quarantine raises a lot of questions and sometimes generates stress. It is a daily challenge that has an impact on our lifestyles and our relationship with others. With a big part of the world under quarantine, a lot of organisations have been trying to keep in touch [...]
Από 22/02/2020 Προς 01/03/2020
Charter of wine for French wine clubs recognised by the French President
In 2017, Vin & Société initiated the development of a charter for wine clubs in higher education institutions. This charter lists good tasting practices (free water, spittoons, etc.) and allows students to learn about the rules applicable to the creation and sustainability of an oenological club within their institution. The charter currentl [...]
Από 16/04/2019 Προς 16/04/2019
“Taste: between sharing and heritage” Vin & Société decodes the trends
"Taste: between sharing and heritage - the pleasure of cooking, eating together, pleasures of wine", was the theme of the decoding meeting organized by Vin & Société on April 16, 2019 in Paris. Catherine Le Grand-Sébille, lecturer in socio-anthropology of health at the Faculty of Medicine of Lille conducted a study on the transmission of th [...]
Από 23/02/2019 Προς 03/03/2019
Vin et Société helps you discover your senses at the 2019 annual Paris International Agricultural Show
The 2019 annual Paris International Agricultural Show took place from 23 February to the 3rd of March. Vin et Société decided to focus this year’s activities on the development of the senses. A multi-sensory game allowed participants to learn more about the senses involved in wine tasting, such as smell, sight or touch. Vin & Société als [...]
Από 05/03/2018 Προς 05/03/2018
Vinocamp looks out to Europe
Wine in Moderation was at Vinocamp, a conference which took place in Paris on 05 March 2018, with a focus on “Wine, Communication, Innovation Where Is Europe?” and which saw the participation of over 200 wine professionals. Present to introduce the programme to the large number of participants, Wine in Moderation was also invited to attend a r [...]
Από 27/03/2017 Προς 18/06/2017
One minute to discover a wine region
With the aim of highlighting oenotourism and the diversity of its wine regions, the French wine sector has developed a set of short TV programmes called “1 Minute, 1 Vineyard” * that will be broadcasted on the two main public service channels from 27 March to 18 of June. Entirely focused on the heritage of the French wine culture, highlighting [...]
Από 01/03/2017 Προς 01/03/2017
Initiating tasting for young wine professionals
For the first time since its first edition in 1998, the Young Wine Professionals’ Competition (CJPV)* focused on the "responsible and moderate consumption of wine". Through its unique position as WiM National Coordinator in France and considering the theme chosen for this year, it was an honour for Vin et Société to preside the Competition. Ea [...]
Από 25/02/2017 Προς 05/03/2017
Vines and sustainable agriculture
Vines are an integral part of the landscape and economy of many regions around the world. Cultivation of vines has been part of the agricultural activities since ancient time and has its special place in the French agriculture. The annual Paris International Agricultural Show is the perfect opportunity to celebrate it. The annual show which took p [...]
Από 06/12/2015
Vin et Société launches multichannel national campaign on drinking guidelines
Vin & Société launched their first public information campaign on drinking guidelines earlier this month. With the ambition to inform the consumer about safe levels of drinking and excessive consumption, this campaign will last several weeks combining social media (#Vindomptables); an information page on the association’s website; and prese [...]
Από 20/07/2015 Προς 31/08/2016
A toolbox to encourage responsible consumption
With moderation and responsibility at the heart of the French wine sector, Vin & Société has developed a Toolbox listing all the messages – including responsible consumption benchmarks – which should be included in the different communication material – for instance: events, radio, training courses, tastings, display advertising, etc. [...]
Από 04/02/2015 Προς 31/12/2015
Vin & Société launches weekly “prevention meetings”
Already active on social media, Vin & Société has decided to take the opportunity of their strong presence on Twitter to continue reaching out to consumers through weekly “prevention meetings” on Twitter. Since early February, Vin & Société invites its followers every Wednesday to present and to learn more about prevention campaigns [...]
Από 01/04/2012 Προς 30/09/2012
Repas Divin (Divine Meal)
“Repas divin” (Divine Meal) is a “new gastronomic series produced by Vin & Société and proposed and broadcasted by national and regional TV Channels and on-line media (web TV and websites). By concocting delicious dishes, learning about wine pairings and discovering unexpected sites in the French wine regions, and providing tips for r [...]
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