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04/12/2019 |
Wine in Moderation - Departure of Secretary General
The Board of WiM Association announces that after 9 years as Secretary General, Stylianos Filopoulos will leave Wine in Moderation AISΒL on December 3rd.
20/11/2019 |
ACIBEV releases annual Wine in Moderation campaign on TV and in cinemas

For its annual Christmas action, ACIBEV has launched a campaign calling for a responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

19/11/2019 |
ACIBEV reinforces its presence at wine fairs

In 2019, ACIBEV was on stage offering free breathalyser tests to visitors during three important Lisbon’s consumer wine fairs: “Mercado de Vinhos do Campo Pequeno”, “Grandes Escolhas – Vinhos & Sabores” and “Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores”.

16/11/2019 |
Wine in Moderation at the 1st Melting Gastronomy Conference, held in Porto’s historic Customs House

From the 14th to the 16th of November, Porto became the world capital of gastronomy hosting the first edition of the Melting Gastronomy Summit, which brought together over 30 national and international speakers.

06/11/2019 |
The Future of EU Viticulture, Copa Cogeca and CEVI present latest trends

What are the upcoming trends, opportunities and challenges in the wine sector, how will EU winegrowers adapt to ensure a more sustainable viticulture? The event “The Future of EU Viticulture” that took place in Brussels on November 6th tried to provide some answers.

05/11/2019 |
Wine in Moderation launches major rebranding

Press Release – Brussels, 05 November 2019: “CHOOSE | SHARE | CARE” is the new message of Wine in Moderation with an innovative visual identity.

The new Brand Strategy, message and visual identity are a result of a year-long reflection at the conclusion of the Wine in Moderation´s 10th year in existence.

05/11/2019 |
HNT organises 3rd National Conference on Viticulture & Oenology

Last 5 November 2019, the National Council of the Wine Communities – HNT organised the National Conference on Viticulture & Oenology.

05/11/2019 |
Wine in Moderation at the 'Prohibition, 1919-2019' Symposium

2019 marks the 100 years of the prohibition in the United States. In this occasion, the Institut « Georges Chappaz de la vigne et du vin en Champagne » and the University of Reims, a Wine in Moderation Observer, organised an international symposium “Prohibition, 1919-2019” to address a number of themes linked to this historical period: law, history, economics, ethics & consumption.

31/10/2019 |
4th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
Following the success of the past 3 editions of the UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism, the 4th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism will take place on 4-6 December in Valle de Colchagua, Chile organised in collaboration with the Government of Chile.
21/10/2019 |
Wine in Moderation President is a member of the Jury of the 18th Master of Port
The 18th edition of the Master of Port took place on 21 October at the Embassy of Portugal in Paris, in the presence of the Ambassador of Portugal in France, Mr. Jorge Torres-Perreira. The 4 Presidents and members of the Jury raised Gaëtan BOUVIER to the rank of Master of Port.
16/10/2019 |
The Deutsche Weinakademie organises seminar on responsible advertising of wine

Mid-October, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) organised an advertising seminar in Mainz, Germany. The speakers Ms. Katja Heintschel von Heinegg (German Advertising Standards Council) and Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer (DWA) informed actors of the wine sector and advertising experts how to plan and implement responsible wine advertising.

03/10/2019 |
WeWine: a new type of event in Argentina
02/10/2019 |
Wine in Moderation at FEV’s Marketing & Communication Committee

Wine in Moderation was in Madrid early October for the Marketing & Communication Committee meeting of the Spanish Wine Federation to present the latest developments of the Programme and discuss on future actions and commitments. During his intervention, Wine in Moderation director introduced some of the key elements of the new Brand Strategy approved earlier this year; and in addition, some of the projects, materials and toolkits that will be developed in the coming months.

01/10/2019 |
Munskänkarna elects Barbaresco as 2019 Wine City of the Year

As every year, the Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna elects the “Wine City of the Year” to promote and encourage local development and achievements. The locality of Barbaresco is the lucky winner of the 2019 edition.

The event has become a much-appreciated statement of quality for the local wines of the celebrated geographical region but also highlights the idea of choosing better quality wines to enjoy them sensibly, a central value for Munskänkarna.

26/09/2019 |
OMÉK 2019 – Wine in Moderation at the Hungarian National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair
The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) is the largest and oldest agricultural event in Hungary, with rich traditions and more than a hundred years of history. The 79th edition took place in Budapest between 26-29 September 2019 at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.
HNT was also present at OMÉK and took the opportunity to promote the Wine in Moderation programme to all visitors, distributing Wine in Moderation leaflets, bracelets and balloons.
17/09/2019 |
Wine in Moderation participates at UNWTO GA in Saint Petersburg

As affiliate member of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Wine in Moderation had the pleasure to participate at the 23rdGeneral Assembly which took place last September in Saint Petersburg.

10/09/2019 |
The annual celebration of Port Wine – another successful edition

As previous editions, the Porto Wine Day® took place on 10 September for the annual celebration of Port Wine.

5,000 people participated at the three main events that constituted the sixth edition of the Porto Wine Day®:

- 2017 Vintage Port Tasting and Vintage Proclamation Ceremony 2017 | 7 September

- Port Wine day® Sunset Party | 8 September

- Commemorative Dinner of the 263th Douro Wine Region’s Anniversary |10 September

10/09/2019 |
ASOVINOS continues its education spree
Since it joined Wine in Moderation, ASOVINOS has been focusing intensely on educating professionals on responsible wine consumption. Two training sessions were recently organised in cooperation with Dislicores, an associate of Asovinos, determined to inform consumers on how to enjoy wine in moderation and responsibly.
09/07/2019 |
Born to be Wine: Health effects linked to the moderate consumption of wine discussed at OIVE’s annual event

Madrid, July 9, 2019 - The Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Wine (OIVE) held its annual meeting on July 1st in Madrid. Titled “Born to Be Wine”, the event brought together representatives of the entire wine value chain and sought to discuss the contribution of the wine sector in Spain, the projects of the OIVE for the coming years and the trending topic of wine and health.

03/07/2019 |
Vin & Société launches information campaign on the art of spitting

“All those who spit my wine adore it” is the title of Vin et Société’s last campaign that was launched in the presence of bloggers, influencers and the press last 3 July.

24/06/2019 |
Sogrape adopts new Wine in Moderation message in company poster campaign

Based on the updated Wine in Moderation Brand Strategy, Sogrape Vinhos has decided to renew its internal information on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine by adopting a new Wine in Moderation message: “CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE.”.

03/06/2019 |
Argentina: new national Wine in Moderation website and participation at the ALMAlbec food and wine festival
2019 is yet another year for action in Argentina where numerous activities have already been organised and where a new Wine in Moderation website was recently released.
31/05/2019 |
Vinos de Chile and Bodegas de Argentina introduce their Wine in Moderation actions in common presentation
Last 31st of May, Juan Carlos Pina and Patricio Parra joined forces for a common presentation on Wine in Moderation, with the aim to present their strong commitment to the initiative and its mission.
28/05/2019 |
Wine in Moderation members discuss future of the Programme

The Wine in Moderation members and partners gathered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, last 27 and 28 May 2019, to review the upcoming strategy about the future of the Wine in Moderation programme. The important discussions which took place look to seize the critical mass of actors linked to Wine in Moderation to address today's challenging environments.

20/05/2019 |
Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School launch the first research and teaching Chair dedicated to responsible consumption

What are the ideal conditions to encourage the responsible consumption of wine in our societies? How can we encourage good behaviours to avoid the misuse of wine and the associated risks? These are the questions that the Research and Teaching Chair launched by Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School will aim to analyse together with the role of education and information on responsible wine consumption.

08/05/2019 |
Wine in Moderation in Colombia with ASOVINOS

Many believe that wine is a product of culture and therefore when exporting wine, a wine company or a wine producing country is not exporting a product but also the culture and the lifestyle associated with it.

06/05/2019 |
A week dedicated to the launch of Wine in Moderation in Colombia
From the 6th to the 10th of May, the Colombian wine value chain, from the hospitality sector to wine importers and horeca, will be discovering Wine in Moderation during a series of events in the country.
29/04/2019 |
Vyno Dienos offers a responsible wine experience
As one of the leading expos in the Baltic countries, Vynos Dienos reaches a large number of professionals and consumers alike. Strong believers in the message of Wine in Moderation, the expo’s organisers will provide a complete responsible wine experience and inform visitors on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine.
17/04/2019 |
A Responsible Malbec Month

In commemoration of the World Malbec Day, which takes place on 17 April every year, Bodegas de Argentina decided to dedicate the entire month to special tastings, all in honour of this emblematic grape variety that represents Argentina on the international scene.

11/04/2019 |
ACIBEV represents wine sector at Portuguese Alcohol & Health Forum
On April 11th, ACIBEV represented the national wine sector at the annual meeting of the Portuguese Alcohol & Health Forum (FNAS) which presented the status of consumption of alcoholic beverages in Portugal and in Europe.
27/03/2019 |
France: millennials and wine
With the aim to understand the place that wine occupies in the culture and the heart of the millennial generation, Vin & Société organised its second laboratory of ideas.
22/03/2019 |
Bodegas de Argentina celebrates annual harvest with responsible message

Bodegas de Argentina organised the 2019 Harvest Lunch, one of the biggest events of the wine sector in Argentina.

As every year, the event gathers participants to celebrate the annual harvest and discover more than 200 wine labels from different wineries in the country, partners of Bodegas de Argentina. Committed to responsible drinking, Bodegas de Argentina always includes tips for a responsible consumption of wine which are disseminated through the event.
20/03/2019 |
Ibravin launches online training in Brazil
IBRAVIN recently launched a new online training “Qualidade na Taça” (or "Quality in a glass") aimed at professionals of the HORECA sector and new potential entrepreneurs. The course started on 20 March.
18/03/2019 |
Wine in Moderation: a must for ProWein visitors?

ProWein closed its doors after three intense days, welcoming an ever-increasing number of visitors. 61,500 guests of the wider wine sector, among which retail, HORECA, etc. made the trip, while 6,900 exhibitors represented 64 nations. As last year, Wine in Moderation was one of the exhibitors.

18/03/2019 |
Dutch character Wim visits ProWein
Every year, ProWein turns “Orange” for an hour. Organised by the German wine office based in the Netherlands, this year’s “Orange hour” also saw the participation of the Dutch Wine in Moderation character Wim who accompanied the event with the responsible message.
07/03/2019 |
The conscious enjoyment of wine: key for young winemakers in Hungary

The biennial Pannónia Gold Ring Competition recognises young and promising Hungarian winemakers.

06/03/2019 |
18th Master of Port: New edition
For this year’s edition, the 18th Master of Port competition will be carrying once more the Wine in Moderation logo and encouraging moderate and responsible consumption.
21/02/2019 |
The Future Role of Wine in Society - From Consumption to Cultural Heritage

Press Release – Brussels, Belgium, February 20th, 2019 – An important debate on “The Future Role of Wine in Society – from Consumption to Cultural Heritage” took place on 19 February in Brussels.

20/02/2019 |
Cyprus takes a step towards Wine in Moderation
EVOINOS was founded in 2013 but formally constituted in 2017 as an informal network for a selected group of Cypriot wineries and professionals as well as wine lovers interested in the development of Cypriot wines and vineyards. With the goal to further spread the culture of wine and the conscious enjoyment of this agriculture product, the Cypriot association Evoinos has decided to join the Wine in Moderation movement.
06/02/2019 |
Celebrating the 120 years of Wine Importers in the Netherlands

This year marked the 120 years of the Royal Dutch Wine Importers of the Netherlands (KVNW), who organised a symposium to celebrate this important milestone.

The event, which took place last February, gathered an important number of leading experts to present and discuss the latest trends and developments that will influence the wine trade and wine consumption in the coming decades: food trends, climate change, rise of online sales and platforms, etc.

05/02/2019 |
Vin & Société kicks off 2019 with new projects

In 2019 Vin & Société steps up action and launches two innovative projects to promote the sensible appreciation of wine: one promoting a responsible wine tourism experience and the other encouraging young professionals to make their voices heard.

30/01/2019 |
10 years of 'Responsible Parties'

400,000 students, 32 countries and more than 600 parties, these are the numbers that represent 10 years of “Responsible Parties”.

Pernod Ricard in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network have made it their goal to inform and educate students to adopt healthy drinking choices, by going from one student party to the next across Europe, distributing information about alcohol abuse, offering water and/or food, and helping them get a safe ride home whenever they needed it.

25/12/2018 |
'Sabes ser Moderado' reenlists for a second winter special

This Christmas season, citizens of the city of Porto in Portugal rediscovered the campaign “Sabes Ser Moderado”.

Similarly to previous years, the campaign was developed around three areas of action: a Proximity Campaign, a Mobility Campaign and a Media Campaign diversifying their impact and reach; and aired between November 1st and December 31st, reaching 8 million impacts.

18/12/2018 |
Wine in Moderation - a 2018 Retrospective
2018…a year we will certainly remember within Wine in Moderation! While we celebrated our 10 years anniversary, we also started planning the future of the programme, we have welcomed new members from new horizons, organised a great number of new and existing activities, increased our participation at international wine expos, etc. all making this year a unique year for Wine in Moderation.
26/11/2018 |
Pau Roca next Director General of the OIV
Pau Roca was elected in the frame of the 16th General Assembly held in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and becomes the 10th Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) succeeding to Jean Marie Aurand as from January 1st, 2019.
20/11/2018 |
Wine in Moderation confirms position in South America by welcoming Brazil
Press Release – Punta del Este, Uruguay, November 20th, 2018 – Ibravin joins Wine in Moderation and reinforces South America’s strong commitment to social responsibility with an increasing presence on the continent.
19/11/2018 |
Shaping the future of wine in Uruguay

The 41st World Congress of Vine & Wine “Shaping the Future: Production and Market Challenges” came to a close last 23 November after five intensive days of presentations, sessions and discoveries. The Congress which took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay gathered more than 400 experts and officials from 40 countries and reflected on the waves of challenges and opportunities ahead, proposing innovative approaches on the way forward.

12/11/2018 |
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation welcomes Wine in Moderation
Press Release – Brussels, November 12th, 2018 – WiM Association joins the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Affiliate membership programme and confirms strong engagement in the sustainable development of wine tourism.
31/10/2018 |
Wine in Moderation website now available in Lithuanian
Already available in 11 languages, the Wine in Moderation website has now also been translated to Lithuanian, bringing it to a total of 12 languages.
22/10/2018 |
Wim continues his online campaign
When browsing Facebook in The Netherlands, you might come across Wim. But who is he? This friendly character is the face of the Wine in Moderation Programme and has been providing simple tips and tricks to wine consumers since he came to life in 2015.
22/10/2018 |
Armenian wines get a glimpse of Wine in Moderation

A delegation from the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA), visited Spain last week to learn more about the Spanish wine sector, its associative structure, its work priorities and Wine in Moderation.

18/10/2018 |
Wine & Law students discuss CyberWine issues with Wine in Moderation

It is in the frame of the 8th Fall School on Wine Law that Wine in Moderation was invited to participate in a round table discussion that took place on 18 October in Reims, Champagne.

With this year’s Wine Law Program focusing on "Cyber Wine: Legal Issues for the Wine & Spirits Sector in the Digital Era", the round table concentrated on discussing “CyberWine issues with Wine in Moderation”.

16/10/2018 |
Celebrating 10 years, looking forwards
The people embracing a culture of moderation and sustainability in the wine business came together to celebrate Wine in Moderation’s 10th anniversary, share best practices and plan the future.
04/10/2018 |
Wine in Moderation in Lithuania on a roll
Since it joined Wine in Moderation in December 2017, the Sommelier School of Lithuania (SSL) has been gradually launching initiatives and developing Wine in Moderation actions in the country.
07/09/2018 |
UNWTO Hails Wine Tourism as an approach to Sustainable Rural Development
UNWTO called for wine tourism to be made part of national tourism and rural development policies at the 3rd UNWTO Wine Tourism Conference in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (6-7 September 2018). The two days of discussions engaged experts from 30 countries and addressed UNWTO’s priority of enhancing tourism’s socioeconomic benefits, looking at specific segments like wine tourism. Wine in Moderation was also present to add the topic of responsible drinking in the sustainable development of wine businesses.
01/08/2018 |
Spain reinforces its 'Code of Commercial Communications of Wine' and extends it to the entire Spanish wine value chain

The Wine Interprofessional Organisation of Spain (OIVE) presented the new Code of Commercial Communications of Wine, that came into force on August 1st, 2018. The Code is a set of rules for self-regulation on advertising and commercial communications with the main purpose to put forward a message of moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine, under the umbrella of Wine in Moderation values and objectives.

01/08/2018 |
Online Wine in Moderation campaign for Wim
With the aim to bring Wine in Moderation closer to the attention of Dutch consumers, KVNW launched a new online campaign last August. Every 2 weeks a post will be published on Facebook to raise awareness by focusing on wine and food events and increase engagement by providing practical wine tips through animations.
03/07/2018 |
Academics join Wine in Moderation: a new kind of partnership

The Wine & Law Program joins Wine in Moderation and becomes the first academic entity to join WiM association as an Observer.

Hosted by the University of Reims and located in the heart of Champagne, the University of Reims Law School aims to enhance the legal study and research of wine law and will thus be looking to contribute to the important work carried out by Wine in Moderation by advising on the protection of the Wine in Moderation trademark, but also by discussing the issues related to digital consumer information on wine, health and low risk patterns of consumption.

03/07/2018 |
Wine in Moderation continues expansion in South America and welcomes Colombia

Press Release – Brussels, July 3rd, 2018 – The Colombian association, ASOVINOS, joins Wine in Moderation confirming the position of the responsible movement on the South American continent and strengthening the reach of the message in the region.

03/07/2018 |
Vin & Société presents new Prevention Plan

Beginning of July marked an important step for Vin & Société which presented to President Macron its new “Prevention Plan”, the sector’s contribution to the National Public Health Plan.

The “Prevention Plan” aims to reinforce the already existing strong commitments in place to inform and educate populations at risk such as pregnant women, minors and young adults; but also, to encourage a responsible consumption of wine.

An event organised last 3
rd of July in Paris, was the perfect opportunity to present this new “Prevention Plan” and open the discussion.
02/07/2018 |
Friends of Glass launches new campaign inviting Consumers to #CheersToTheOcean
Following its successful campaigns, “Map your Taste”, “Pass the Bottle Campaign” and the more recent “Endless Lives of Glass”; the European Container Glass Federation has decided to focus on the important topic of ocean littering and recently launched its new campaign #CheersToTheOcean.
22/06/2018 |
Porto Wine Brotherhood induces Wine in Moderation

To mark the celebration of its 10 years anniversary, the Confraria do Vinho do Porto (Port Wine Brotherhood) inducted Wine in Moderation into the Confraria, in the rank of Infanção.

17/06/2018 |
Breathylising Masters of Wine

Master of Wine is one of the highest distinction in wine business, a title that is attributed only to those few with an excellent knowledge of wine, its market and culture.
Held every four years, this year’s Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium “Living Wine” gathered a rich variety of international speakers and over 100 Masters of Wine. The Symposium which lasted four days, ended on 17 June with a tasting of Spanish wines which was preceded by one of Wine in Moderation’s most popular activities: the breathalyser tests.

01/06/2018 |
Wine in Moderation logo: a protected trademark

Wine in Moderation is a unique initiative that is looking to foster the social responsibility efforts of the wine business and multiply the impact of their efforts by providing a common reference. Its members and supporters are committed to its values and principles that enable Wine in Moderation to be recognised as an international and credible brand, synonymous with social responsibility and sustainability.

01/06/2018 |
Bodegas de Argentina keeps the momentum going

Since it joined the Wine in Moderation Programme in 2013, Bodegas de Argentina has been building and enhancing wine as a culinary, cultural and social experience.

With the objective to teach consumers the negative implications of excessive drinking, Bodegas de Argentina has been very active in creating partnerships (national fairs, Universities, water companies, etc.), developing communication material and generally getting the Wine in Moderation message of moderation and responsibility closer to the consumer.

Along the years, Bodegas de Argentina has thus made sure to empower all its materials, events and professionals with the Wine in Moderation responsibility message. And this year is no different.

31/05/2018 |
Copa and Cogeca committed to responsible drinking and a sustainable wine culture
Copa and Cogeca re-affirmed in Brussels today their commitment to ensuring a sustainable wine culture, governed by responsible drinking, and renewed its participation in the Wine in Moderation programme.
25/05/2018 |
GDPR: Wine in Moderation updates

As you may know, 25 May 2018 marked the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

09/05/2018 |
Wine in Moderation further expands in South America by welcoming Uruguay

Press Release – Brussels, May 9th, 2018 – Uruguay becomes the third country from South America to join the Wine in Moderation programme strengthening the reach of the moderation message on the American continent.

08/05/2018 |
Munskänkarna’s “Wine City of the Year”

Every year, the Swedish wine club, Munskänkarna elects the wine city of the year, selected based on a number of criteria, among which vicinity, quality and innovation.

The Munskänkarna is the largest non-profit association for wine education and wine tasting in the world, with more than 25 300 members. It counts local associations in 170 cities and villages, mostly in Sweden, and all together organises 1 500 wine tastings, with about 65 925 participants every year, and 450 courses, with 5 000 participants.

We have asked, Lena Ståhl, president of Munskänkarna, to give us more details on this annual award ceremony.

08/05/2018 |
DWA symposium at the German Congress of Internal Medicine - Wine and cancer risk

The topic “Alcoholic beverages/wine and cancer risk” was at the centre of the DWA Symposium which took place in Mannheim, Germany, last April.

The symposium is organised every year in parallel with the Congress of Internal Medicine to present and discuss key topics on wine and health. Mostly physicians of internal medicine attended the Congress and the symposium; part of the symposium will also be available as an e-learning tool of continuing education for those physicians who could not attend.

17/04/2018 |
FIVS and Wine in Moderation: a new Partnership

On 17 April, FIVS signed an MOU with WiM during the concluding reception of FIVS’s 2018 Global Trade Policy Conference. FIVS thus formalised its long-standing cooperation with the WiM association and became a Wine in Moderation Associated Partner.

21/03/2018 |
Wine in Moderation more visible than ever at ProWein 2018

ProWein closed its doors after three intense days, welcoming over 60,000 guests and 6,870 exhibitors among which Wine in Moderation, which had the pleasure of hosting visitors at the newly designed Wine in Moderation booth led by the Deutsche Weinakademie.

Located at the Northern Entrance of the fair, the team of facilitators informed visitors about the Wine in Moderation programme, how to join and why it is important. It also took the opportunity to organise some typical WiM actions, such as breathalyser tests carried out throughout the fair.

18/03/2018 |
Wine in Moderation at ProWein 2018

Building on the interest raised during last year's participation at ProWein, WiM Association will be renewing the experience for the 2018 edition.

08/03/2018 |
Vinexpo joins Wine in Moderation as Associated Partner

Press Release – Bordeaux, 13 March 2018: The cooperation between Wine in Moderation and Vinexpo, which was officialized in Bordeaux, will be looking to raise knowledge on wine, health and responsible drinking, to raise the significance of social responsibility in the alcoholic beverage industry and enhance the impact of the Wine in Moderation programme towards the wine business.

27/02/2018 |
Wine in Moderation at the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show

Wine in Moderation participated at the Conference of the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show organised by the Beverage Trade Network which took place in London these 26 and 27 February.

26/02/2018 |
The International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowS interest in Wine in Moderation

For its second edition, the International Bulk Wine & Spirits show (IBWSS) will be in London, gathering a number of award-winning speakers. Wine in Moderation will be represented there through the participation of its director, Stylianos Filopoulos.

26/01/2018 |
Commissioner Hogan congratulates Wine in Moderation for results achieved since 2008
In a letter addressed to WiM Association president at the end of 2017, Commissioner Hogan congratulated Wine in Moderation on the important work that has been achieved since the launch of the programme in 2008.
23/01/2018 |
Pernod Ricard renews partnership with Erasmus - Program students to promote responsible drinking

Pernod Ricard renewed its partnership with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in presence of CEO Alexandre Ricard, for the eighth consecutive year. The agreement, signed in Brussels last 24 January, aims to encourage moderate alcohol consumption among Erasmus students around the European Union.

13/01/2018 |
Responsible pairing : a trend set by a Michelin star restaurant

Initiated in Da Vinci, a Dutch Michelin Star restaurant, the W.I.M. Wine Arrangements emerged a year ago with the aim of helping consumers discover wine and food pairings with half glasses of wine to encourage a moderate consumption.

11/01/2018 |
And the 2018 Wim over wijn award goes to...

Amsterdam – Ronald Giphart and Harold Hamersma receive 2018 Wim over wijn award for the television programme “The white, rosé and red trip through the USA”* aired on Kitchen 24, a Dutch TV channel fully dedicated to food & lifestyle.

02/01/2018 |
Ian Harris awarded in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list 2018
Chief executive of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Ian Harris has been awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list 2018.
18/12/2017 |
A 2017 Retrospective

With 2017 coming to an end, we are delighted to look back at yet another year of growth and co-creation. Numerous activities, new members and partners, participation at international expos and important milestones have marked this year, bringing Wine in Moderation to the next level.

01/12/2017 |
First Baltic country joins the social responsibility movement - Sommelier School of Lithuania becomes member of Wine in Moderation

Press Release – Brussels, 01 December 2017 – By joining WiM Association, the Sommelier School of Lithuania (UAB Namine peleda) becomes the National Coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Lithuania, and the first in the Baltic countries.

30/11/2017 |
Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation releases winners of 2017 benchmarking global high quality journalism focused on the wine culture

The 2017 winners of the Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation were released at 6pm CET on 30 November during an online awards ceremony.

29/11/2017 |
Wine in Moderation at the European Parliament

Recognised for its contribution in reducing alcohol-related harm, Wine in Moderation was invited to present the social responsibility actions of the wine sector in the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 November 2017.

17/11/2017 |
Wine in Moderation & the Wine & Spirit Education Trust: a new partnership

Press Release – London, 17 November 2017 – The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) joins the Wine in Moderation Programme as Partner with a strong focus on education and the inclusion of the responsible message.

08/11/2017 |
Wine in Moderation Symposium “Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture”

Wine in Moderation organised the very successful Symposium “Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culturein Santorini, Greece.

07/11/2017 |
15 years since the creation of the CEVI

It was in 2002 that CEVI emerged with the aim to gather and represent the independent winegrowers in Europe. Today, the Confederation of European Winegrowers, chaired by Thomas Montagne, celebrates its 15th anniversary, a date that will be marked with an event on the 7th of November.

07/11/2017 |
CEVI celebrates 15-years anniversary & gives special mention to Wine in Moderation

In the presence of numerous MEPs, European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis and Jerzy Plewa, Director-General of AGRI, CEVI celebrated its 15-years anniversary last 7 November at the Cercle Royal Gaulois, a showcase of art and literature in the heart of the European capital. CEVI took the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to Wine in Moderation, which was also praised by eminent personalities present at the event.

03/11/2017 |
WiM Association has a new Board of Administrators
03/11/17, Santorini. WiM Association General Assembly elects new Board of Administrators
02/11/2017 |
Wine in Moderation Φθινοπωρινό Συμπόσιο - “Υπευθυνος Οινοτουρισμός και Οινικός Πολιτισμός”

Ο οινοτουρισμός τα τελευταία χρόνια αναπύσσεται παγκοσμίως και αποτελεί σημαντική πηγή εσόδων και ενίσχυσης της φήμης τόσο για το επισκέψιμο οινοποιείο όσο και για την ευρύτερη οινοπαραγωγική περιοχή και τοπική οικονομία. Ωστόσο, η συνεισφορά του οινοτουρισμού δεν είναι μόνο οικονομική. Ο οινοτουρισμός είναι ένας εξαιρετικος τρόπος διατήρησης και ανάδειξης του οινικού πολιτισμού και σύνδεσης του οίνου με την κοινωνία.

Πως μπορεί να αναπτυχθεί ο οινοτουρισμός με κοινωνικά υπεύθυνο και βιώσιμο τρόπο;

02/11/2017 |
Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium: Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture
28/10/2017 |
Special focus on Wine in Moderation for the 2017 Annual Congress of Wine Educators
Organised by the Austrian Wine Academy, the annual congress of Wine Educators took place in Styrian Burg Seggau, Austria, last October. More than 600 teachers from about 160 schools participated in this important event; mostly educators at Austrian HORECA schools who teach beverage management; a primary target of the Academy´s Wine in Moderation campaign in Austria.
23/10/2017 |
Wine in Moderation Symposium is fully booked !

We are happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation Symposium which will take place in Santorini on 2nd November, is fully booked.

17/10/2017 |
Mediterranean Diet & Health – a Nutritional Odyssey in Greece

Leading scholars from Harvard and other American and European universities will be gathering from 16 to 20 October in Sani, Greece, for the experiential Mediterranean Diet & Health Conference.

17/10/2017 |
The international film festival 'Oenovideo' rewards the TV program '1 minute 1 vineyard'

On October 17, Vin & Société received the prize for the best public interest award from the jury "Adelphe Anev", partner of the international film festival "Oenovideo".

16/10/2017 |
Woman crowned Master of Port for the first time in history

Organised by the French Federation for Aperitif Wines, the Master of Port is a prestigious event that crowns the excellence of Sommeliers and Port wine. Iulia Scavo succeeds to Denis Verneau moved and proud to hand the title to the first woman ever crowned Master of Port.

14/10/2017 |
A Wine in Moderation member wins the wine tasting world championship !
The Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna, member of the WiM Association, won this year’s world championship in wine tasting that took place last 14 October.
10/10/2017 |
Shortlists for Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation 2017 released

Today will mark the release of the shortlisted entries of this year’s Born Digital Wine Awards. Sponsored by Wine in Moderation, the body that aims to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and to contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm, the awards recognise high-quality journalism, photo and video promoting the culture of wine.

04/10/2017 |
Wim in the Netherlands : a positive evaluation for 2017

With 2017 almost coming to an end, the WiM Committee of the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Merchants (KVNW) met to discuss about the 2017 WiM actions, analyse the results and plan ahead.

18/09/2017 |
Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation - Final round of judging now underway: Shortlists to be released on 10th October
The 2017 edition of the Born Digital Wine Awards was the most successful to date and judges are thrilled with the exceptional quality of this year’s entries.
15/09/2017 |
Responsible actions in Belgium

In the last couple of years, Belgium has seen an increase in the number of responsible actions targeting wine consumers.

24/07/2017 |
2017 edition most successful yet for Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation
The Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM), the only competition that awards talented writers, photographers and video producers creating wine-focused digital material in 7 different languages, this year attracted over three hundred entries from across the globe making it the most successful edition of this long-standing contest.
12/07/2017 |
Hungarian wines go WiM

Celebrating its first year as national coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Hungary, the National Council of Wine Communities (HNT) has been increasing actions targeting professionals and consumers, developing material and increasing its reach throughout the country.

30/06/2017 |
Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation extends deadline to 15th July
27/06/2017 |
BDWAbyWIM proud to announce panel of international judges

The Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM) is the only competition that awards talented writers, photographers and video producers creating digital material in 7 different languages and is proud to count on an equally international and highly talented panel of judges.

25/06/2017 |
Education: a key tool for Wine in Moderation

Following the Oenologists‘ training curriculum, a new resolution was adopted during the International Organsiation of Vine and Wine (OIV)’s General Assembly that took place in Bulgaria in June 2017; introducing Wine in Moderation in the training curriculum of Sommeliers. With both resolutions making a clear reference and recommendation on wine, health and responsible practices training; Wine in Moderation is recognised as a necessity for wine professionals.

20/06/2017 |
Angela Merkel receives football shirt with Wine in Moderation logo
During a recent “meet & greet” with chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, WEINELF president Robert Lönarz and Wine in Moderation advocate Dr. Rowald Hepp had the honour of offering one of their football jerseys with the Wine in Moderation logo to the chancellor who happily accepted it.
18/06/2017 |
Wine in Moderation at Wine Expos: Vinexpo, a new experience

One of the world’s leading wine trade shows, Vinexpo Bordeaux embraced the Wine in Moderation message and presented it to its visitors from 18 to 21 June 2017.

16/06/2017 |
Road safety at wine parties: a priority for Vin & Société

Vin & Société has recently updated its website, regrouping all the actors involved in road safety prevention on one single platform. The aim is to empower the organisers of wine parties and festivals with all the necessary information to inform and educate the consumer about the dangers related to drink driving, raise awareness and implement concrete measures adapted to the setting of a wine festival / party.

13/06/2017 |
Wine in Moderation publishes 2014-2016 report
The WiM Association is happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation programme Implementation Report 2014-2016 is now available online.
13/06/2017 |
Wim is alive!

The nice and friendly character Wim, developed in the frame of the Dutch “Wim over wijn” campagin, has come to life in a TV commercial giving tips on how to best appreciate wine.

03/06/2017 |
“Conoscere l’alcol”: producers of alcoholic beverages join in common campaign to inform consumers

Already in its fifth edition, the well-established social awareness campaign on moderate and responsible drinking: “Conoscere l’Alcol”, has become an annual summer appointment for the producers of wine, spirits and beer in Italy.

01/06/2017 |
Born Digital Wine Awards back in 2017

Press Release – Brussels, 1st of June 2017: The Born Digital Wine Awards (BDWAbyWiM) return in 2017 and will be opening for submissions on the 1st of June, accepting material in seven different languages.

30/05/2017 |
European Association Summit 2017: WiM Association from a start-up to maturity

The European Association Summit is the annual meeting of association executives that allows them to learn from each other and exchange good practices. The 2017 edition took place on 30-31 May in Brussels, and WiM Associaiton was selected to showcase the evolution from a start-up to maturity and Wine in Moderation‘s evolution from a European policy commitment to an international movement.

24/05/2017 |
Join the programme online and register to use the Wine in Moderation logo. It’s simple, take a look !

Wine in Moderation has recently launched a new online registration procedure that enables actors of the wine value chain to join the programme and register to use the Wine in Moderation logo.

06/05/2017 |
Sweden scales-up action in the Wine in Moderation programme
Munskänkarna has renewed its commitment to the Wine in Moderation programme and will be scaling up actions towards its members.
25/04/2017 |
Michelin star restaurant initiates smaller serving sizes
For the first time since the launch of the programme, a Michelin starred restaurant has joined Wine in Moderation to add a small piece to the puzzle.
03/04/2017 |
“Do you know how to be moderate” – a new Portuguese campaign

Do you know how to be moderate”* is the new Wine in Moderation campaign you will be seeing if you live in Porto, Portugal. Launched by AEVP in March 2017, the campaign which is designed around fresh and modern images, is very different than previous ones and aims at reaching a broader spectrum of wine consumers.

03/04/2017 |
A food channel goes moderate

The famous Dutch food channel “24 Kitchen” has recently joined the Wine in Moderation programme in The Netherlands. Active through its TV channel, its website, and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), “24 Kitchen” is a food & lifestyle platform that has been awarded best digital broadcaster and website three times in row.

03/04/2017 |
Munskänkarna elects new wine city of the year

Beautiful Istria, along the coast of Croatia was recently elected as 2017 Wine City (village) of the year by Munskänkarna. Elected every year by the Swedish Consumer Association, the wine city of the year is selected based on a number of criteria, among which vicinity, quality and innovation.

22/03/2017 |
Wine trade proud to show its social sustainability commitment at ProWein

ProWein closed its doors on Tuesday after three intense days, welcoming over 55,000 visitors and 6,500 exhibitors. Wine in Moderation also joined the fair sharing information and creating value.

19/03/2017 |
Wine in Moderation at ProWein

The Wine in Moderation message will be present at ProWein, one of the world’s leading wine trade fairs which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 19 to 21 March 2017.

03/03/2017 |
Simple pleasures of life

At a time when the Danish “hygge” calls for a “well-being” and that the Japanese Wabi-Sabi promotes appreciating the beauty in the “naturally imperfect world”, the question everyone asks is: when did we start needing reminders to enjoy the simple pleasures of life?

01/03/2017 |
How do I plan my visit to the wine expo? Follow the Greeks

What is the best way to plan my visit to the wine expo? Have you ever asked yourself this question in the past? With the expo season going at full speed, the Greek National Inter-professional of Vine and Wine took the matter into their hands a developed a hand out that was distributed in the occasion of the one of the biggest Greek wine expos: Oenorama.

01/02/2017 |
Wine in Moderation website updated and now available in 4 additional languages

With the aim of always reaching more wine consumers, the “Wine in Moderation” website has been translated into four additional languages reaching a grand total of ten languages*.

01/02/2017 |
A Guide to enhance your wine tastings

Wine in Moderation has always believed that a greater understanding of tasting and appreciation of wine can improve the consumer’s enjoyment and as a result generate a more moderate and responsible consumption.

The WiM Association has therefore recently developed a new “Guide for Tasting” destined at wineries and bigger wine companies to give easy and ready to use tips and hints to enhance their wine tastings and further improve and facilitate a responsible and moderation consumption of wine.

28/01/2017 |
FICB presents Wine in Moderation to its members

On 28 January 2017, Noélie Genevey – WiM Association Board Administrator presented the Wine in Moderation programme to the members of the Federation of Wine Brotherhoods in the occasion of their general assembly that took place in Paris, France; building on the great heritage of wine and opening to a new public.

29/11/2016 | Μέτρο
Wim encourages moderation on the radio
Dutch local radios show interest in the responsible drinking message.
29/11/2016 | Δέσμευση
3 days dedicated to wine in moderation – the programme launch in Greece

The National Inter-Professional Organization of Wine and Vine (EDOAO – Wines of Greece) launched the Wine in Moderation programme with a week filled with important activities from 29 November to 4 December 2016.

05/10/2016 |
The Wine in Moderation CSR movement gets stronger and bigger every day
A workshop to empower professionals

On the 4th and 5th of October, key wine actors of the Wine in Moderation programme, scientists, media and NGO leaders from around Europe, gathered in the beautiful wine town of Rust, in Austria to learn more about the latest scientific aspects on wine and health and exchange best practices on how they can support wine professional in the sector’s common effort to encourage moderation and healthy lifestyles.

This important gathering of the Wine in Moderation Programme, hosted by the Austrian Wine Academy was also the opportunity to celebrate the commitment of the WiM Association members and to welcome one more associated partner in the Wine in Moderation movement.

21/09/2016 |
Comic books to explain how wine is best enjoyed in moderation

With the aim of giving more targeted information to the young adults visiting the “Pedagogical Centre about Port and Douro Wines”, the Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP) has recently developed new Wine in Moderation booklets presenting the moderation message in a simpler and more comic way.

15/09/2016 |
Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School: an educational partnership

With education at the core of its activities, Vin & Société has been developing projects to meet the challenges associated with responsible consumption. The French association signs a partnership with the KEDGE Business School to train the new managers of the French and international wine industry on issues related to responsible drinking.

08/09/2016 |
Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux is responsible once again

For the third year in a row, Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux takes on the moderation message and integrates it in its communication. Fully dedicated to the discovery of gastronomies from around the world, the festival also puts forward the link between gastronomy and wine by welcoming Bordeaux wines to the party.

01/08/2016 |
BDWAbyWIM 2016 increases submissions

The 2016 edition of the Born Digital Wine Awards, brought to you by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM) recently closed submissions, receiving 267 entries 22 countries from across the world of wine; an increase of 20% compared to the 2015 edition.

27/07/2016 |
Wine in Moderation releases new videos

A new Wine in Moderation video currently available in 7 languages, was created by the WiM Association, with the aim to explain in a fun and fresh way what the Wine in Moderation Programme is about, who is behind it, what type of actions are developed and of course what makes it so special.

25/07/2016 |
The Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2014-2015 is now available online

The WiM association is happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation Programme Implementation Report 2014-2015 is now available online. 2014-2015 has been a period of growth and action but also a year of planning for the future bringing new thoughts and ideas to the table.

17/06/2016 |
Link between Wine in Moderation and Mediterranean Diet reconfirmed in Portugal

Portuguese Health Authorities publish the Mediterranean Diet Wheel, associating wine in moderation with the Mediterranean eating pattern.

17/06/2016 |
WiM Association at the International Vintage Master Symposium

A symposium on Viticultural-enological factors and health attributes of wine was oragnised by the Catholic University of Piacenza, in the frame of the International Master of Science programme VINTAGE and with the participation of the WiM Association.

05/06/2016 |
Wine in Moderation Programme in Argentina receives prize from the Congreso University

Bodegas de Argentina receives a special mention from the Congreso University, in Mendoza, one of the five most important Universities of the country.

01/06/2016 |
Friends of Glass gives life to Glass bottles

Following its successful “Taste of Europe” campaign which took place last year, Friends of Glass – FEVE confirms its commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility and launches a new campaign: “Endless Lives of Glass”.

25/04/2016 |
New leaflets for Wine in Moderation

After using our old leaflets for some years, it was time for some refreshing changes. We are therefore happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation leaflets have adopted a fresh and modern look adding dynamism and vitality to the information of moderate and responsible consumption.

21/04/2016 |
Independent Winegrowers renew their commitment to Wine in Moderation

21.04.16, Barcelos, Portugal. The European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (CEVI) renewed their commitment to Wine in Moderation and reinforce their aim to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

20/04/2016 |
Celebrating WiM Annual event 2016
For one more year, Wine in Moderation celebrated its anniversary in Brussels together with many important wine personalities.
19/04/2016 |
Wine in Moderation at 2016 FIVS conference

For yet another year, FIVS held their Global Trade Policy Conference, in Brussels. WiM association was there to inform the high representatives of wine and spirits business about the Wine in Moderation Programme Implementation and raise significance on social responsibility actions.

04/04/2016 |
OIV includes information and training on moderate and responsible drinking in draft resolutions

04-14 April, Paris. WiM Association proposals to include training on moderate drinking and responsible business practices in the OIV recommended guidelines for the training curricula of Sommelier and Oenologist were accepted during the OIV spring technical committees.

16/03/2016 |
ACIBEV and ViniPortugal partner to implement Responsible Service Training

16 March 2016, Lisbon – ACIBEV and ViniPortugal sign a Partnership to collaborate and deliver training on Responsible Service of Alcoholic Beverages.

03/03/2016 |
Wine in Moderation goes to Hungary

3 March 2016, Budapest – WIM Association presented the Social Responsibility Programme of the wine sector in the 4th edition of the Wine Law and Marketing Conference.

01/03/2016 |
From the sector for the sector…Who are the German Wine in Moderation Advocates?

With the aim to further inform the German wine sector about the Wine in Moderation Programme, the Deutsche Weinakademie has launched a new concept: Wine in Moderation Advocates.

01/03/2016 |
Wine in Moderation takes one step further in Greece

On the occasion of a tasting of Greek wines organised by the Greek Embassy of Brussels and New Wines of Greece, the Greek wine sector though EDOAO takes one step further with the WIM Association and the message of responsible consumption.

12/01/2016 |
Temporary personnel will receive Wine in Moderation training

Bodegas de Argentina has signed a Partnership agreement with Bayton HHRR with the aim to educate staff and employees about drinking guidelines and responsible and moderate consumption of wine.

02/12/2015 |
Mood, Food and responsible drinking at Wine2Wine - Verona

02-03/12/15, Verona, the culture of responsible wine appreciation was presented by Wine in Moderation Association in the Mood and Food Session of the 2nd edition of the Wine2Wine Conference in Italy.

27/11/2015 |
Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre introduction to China

27/11/15, Shanghai. In the framework of the “EU-China wine cooperation” project, the Wine in Moderation Programme was presented to the Chinese Alcohol Drinks Association and authorities.

17/11/2015 |
Two years of WIM in Argentina

Last 17 November, Bodegas de Argentina presented “Wine in Moderation: Two years after & Next Steps” at Casa Nieto Senetiner. The main objective of the summit was to share with different companies, press, wineries and government authorities the main actions that were carried out during these last two “WIM” years and the next steps for the WIM programme in Argentina, to continue building and enhancing the wine as a culinary, cultural and social experience.

09/11/2015 |
Responsibility and moderation at the Luxembourgish’ independent winegrowers event

On Monday 9 November, a wine tasting of the Luxembourg independent winegrowers was organised by the Independent Winegrowers’ association (CEVI) at the Embassy of Luxembourg, currently holding the Presidency of the European Union.

08/11/2015 | Πολιτισμός
European Day of Wine Tourism

The 7th edition of the European Day of Wine Tourism will take place next 8 November and for the second consecutive year, wine territories on both sides of the Atlantic will celebrate this day. With the aim to make wine culture more accessible to the citizens and highlight the quality of wine, the Day of Wine Tourism is a day that invites wine and tourism lovers to enjoy the activities organised by cities and wine routes in Europe and North America.

28/10/2015 |
Wine in Moderation at the BASF Creator Space

On 28-29 October, in the occasion of their 150-year anniversary, BASF organised a Creator Space Summit to celebrate sustainability. Wine in Moderation was one of the active participants.

08/10/2015 |
Wim over wijn - a multichannel campaign to encourage moderation and responsibility

The Hague, 8 October 2015 – In the frame of their recent membership to the Wine in Moderation -Art de Vivre (WIM) Association, the KVNW (the Dutch association of wine merchants) launched their first multi-channel campaign: “Wim over Wijn”.

07/10/2015 |
Follow Wine in Moderation on Twitter

Join our community and our newly developed Twitter page to follow our live tweets stay informed about the latest news and information about our programme, activities and events and engage with us.

To follow us, visit our Twitter page.

01/10/2015 |
Responsible message in libraries as well?
28/09/2015 |
“Fete de la gastronomie” & “Master of Port” adopt the responsible message

The new WIM Observer member will undertake its first WIM activity by integrating the WIM message of moderation and responsible consumption in two important events.

28/09/2015 |
Wine in Moderation Programme presented to Systembolaget

28/09/15, Palermo, WiM Association took part in a dialogue meeting with Systembolaget’s External Board of Directors, for an open and broad discussion on public health issues and the Wine in Moderation Programme, together with MEP Giovani La Via (Chair of the EP ENVI Committee).

10/09/2015 |
“Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux”...in moderation

For the second consecutive year, Bordeaux wines join Brussels’ most famous food fair and Wine in Moderation is there to encourage moderation and responsibility.

24/08/2015 |
A month about responsible consumption – it starts in September

In the frame of their new agreement signed last July, Bodegas of Argentina and the National Institute of Viniculture (INV) have established a responsible consumption action plan, defining several activities and events to strengthen and disseminate the responsible consumption message throughout the Argentinian wine sector.

14/08/2015 |
Authors from 19 countries competing for BDWAbyWIM
The 2015 edition of the BDWAbyWIM recently closed submissions for this year’s awards having received hundreds of entries from across the world of wine.
11/08/2015 |
Wine in Moderation "prescribed" in medical summer camps

For the 6th consecutive year, medical students from different universities were invited to attend a medical summer camp as part of their clinical traineeship. For the first time, a seminar on “wine and health” was part of the programme.

15/07/2015 |
HOTREC releases annual report

HOTREC just released its 2014/2015 Annual Report dedicating an entire page to responsible and moderate consumption and its partnership with the WIM Association.

10/07/2015 |
Congratulations to the new OIV President and Commissions Presidents

Member states of the OIV met for the 13th General Assembly in Mainz which took place on 10 July 2015 and elected the new OIV President for a term of 3 years: Prof. Dr. Monika Christmann was elected as the successor of Claudia Inés Quini.

06/07/2015 |
Wine in Moderation: the key feature of the 38th OIV Congress

Mainz 5th - 10th July 2015: The 38TH OIV CONGRESS and 13TH OIV GENERAL ASSEMBLY pay a special tribute to the Wine in Moderation (WIM) programme and movement.

06/07/2015 |
WiM President George Sandeman receives OIV honour

On the occasion of the 38TH OIV Congress, President of OIV Claudia Inés Quini presented George Sandeman, President of the WiM Association, with the OIV Merit Award for his achievements in the sector and his leadership in the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme.

06/07/2015 |
Wine in Moderation submits Observer member application to OIV
04/07/2015 |
Unesco list welcomes Champagne and Burgundy

The famous vineyards and cellars of Champagne and Burgundy were added to the famous Unesco World Heritage List last 4 July joining other wine regions already included on the list.

26/06/2015 |
Training on responsible and moderate consumption

Vin & Société has formalised a first major partnership with SYNHORCAT – the National Union of Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Catering – making training on responsible and moderate consumption mandatory for all future professionals of the industry.

24/06/2015 |
Wine in Moderation at Pernod Ricard Wine Makers in Spain

A Wine in Moderation workshop was organised on Tuesday 24.06.15 at Pernod Ricard Winemakers in San Sebastian, to present Wine in Moderation developments and discuss the role of WIM Ambassador Companies in spreading the message of moderation and responsibility.

02/06/2015 |
The Exchange comes to Europe

The Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl took part in the first European session of The Exchange organised by Nomacorc in Montpellier on 2nd June. For this very first European edition, the organisers decided to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its growing importance in today’s economy. As the international reference in the wine sector’s CSR, WIM Aisbl was invited to present the WIM programme, and its aim to encourage moderate and responsible drinking at European and international level. Its current activities notably in regards to consumer information were also presented.

01/06/2015 |
Changes in CEEV, Thank you José Ramón – Welcome Ignacio

After 8 successful years as Secretary General of CEEV - Comité Européen des Entreprises Vin, José Ramón Fernández has taken his next professional step to be Director of European Affairs in Pernod Ricard. Dr. Ignacio Sanchez Recarte will take over as the new CEEV Secretary General as from 1st June 2015.

28/05/2015 |
Renowned personalities join the judging panel of the BDWAbyWIM

While the final list of judges will be announced soon, we would like to reveal that great wine personalities have already confirmed their participation.

25/05/2015 |
Wine in Moderation forms alliance with the Mediterranean Diet Foundation

WiM Association adheres to “Paralelo 40” and partners with the Mediterranean Diet Foundation (MDF) to fight alcohol-related harm and to promote a healthy lifestyle based on the Mediterranean Diet.

28/04/2015 |
Friends of Glass maps Europeans’ taste
Friends of Glass-FEVE – WIM Partner – is about to launch a campaign with the aim to map the differences in taste which vary across Europe, ranging from the spiciness of the Mediterranean to the saltiness of Central Europe.
22/04/2015 |
The Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA): a great WIM example

The DWA, one of the founding members of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme and Association, has been carrying out its commitment to raise awareness and knowledge on appropriate drinking patterns in a consistent and ever expanding way since the very beginning.

20/04/2015 |
UIV at the forefront of the cultural challenge

With the launch of several projects, Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) has been scaling up action and is taking up the cultural challenge of wine.

18/04/2015 |
Wine in Moderation in the European Capital
The first edition of “Le Salon des Vins du Soir” – a Belgian wine exhibition organised by Le Soir – took place in Brussels on 18 and 19 April and Wine in Moderation was a part of it to spread the message of Art de Vivre.
12/03/2015 |
Pleasure/health relationship to be discussed in Italy

With the endorsement of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, UIV is organising a round table debate with the aim of discussing the relation between pleasure and health bearing in mind the unique place of wine in the Italian culture and society.

10/03/2015 |
Wine in Moderation at 2015 OIV World congress
The Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre programme will be at the heart of the 2015 OIV Congress which will be held in Mainz, Germany.
24/02/2015 |
Major Belgian newspaper praises WIM

Le Soir, major Belgian newspaper, publishes an extensive article on the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre programme, where WIM is recognised as the good way to promote responsibility in the consumption of wine...

19/02/2015 |
DANONE joins the Wine in Moderation Programme in Argentina

Accompany wine with good food, alongside a glass of water": the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre message that Bodegas de Argentina has taken further by partnering with DANONE, leading company of bottled water, to provide a "glass" of water at all their wine events.

20/01/2015 |
New website for Vin et Société

The new V&S website aims to put forward the wine sector’s global commitment to social responsibility as well as science based information about wine, health and social aspects, to inform and educate on moderate and responsible drinking.

11/12/2014 |
Wise Drinking: a global app

Wise Drinking, Pernod Ricard’s global application devoted to responsible drinking, has been enhanced with new features for the holiday season.

11/12/2014 |
Campaign Quien Sabe Beber, Sabe Vivir in its 3rd year

The third year of the Spanish campaign QUIEN SABE BEBER, SABE VIVIR was presented during a press conference attended by several members of the authorities, celebrities and journalists.

05/12/2014 |
Wine in Moderation Commitment Final Report receives highest possible score - 100 per cent - from EAHF external evaluators

The Wine in Moderation Commitment 2011-2013 submitted in 2014 reached excellence by receiving the highest possible score of 100%.

02/12/2014 |
EDUCATION: The VET Art de Vivre Partnership recognised as example of good practice

The VET Art de Vivre Partnership Programme awarded with very good to excellent scores across all categories, and recognised as an example of good practice.

18/11/2014 |
Election of new Board for WIM Aisbl

Mr. George Sandeman (Portugal) representing CEEV, was re-elected as President, Ms. Ursula Fradera (Germany) representing National Associations was re-elected as Vice-President and Ms. Noelie Genevey (France) representing Ambassador Companies was elected as Treasurer.

30/10/2014 |
Dutch Wine Trade Association expresses interest in the Wine in Moderation Programme

Following, the Dutch Wine Trade Association's (KNVW) interest to join the Wine in Moderation movement to promote responsible consumption, WiM Association was invited to present the Wine in Moderation Programme to the KNVW’s General Assembly that took place in Gouda on 30 October 2014.

30/09/2014 |
The VET Art de Vivre Partnership Programme develops three training modules on responsible consumption

After two years and numerous meetings, the VET Art de Vivre Partnership Programme ended on 30 September 2014, delivering among others, 3 proposals on training modules for wine, health and responsible consumption specifically aimed at oenologists, sommeliers and physicians.

05/09/2014 |
Wine in Moderation training programme in Austrian HORECA schools

More than 30 lecturers of the Austrian Wine Academy participated in the annual training weekend where a new educational unit on the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme was presented.

01/08/2014 |
The Spanish Wine Federation launches TRIVINO, an online game about wine

As part of the campaign “Quien Sabe Beber Sabe Vivir”, initiated in 2012, FEV - the Spanish Wine Federation - has recently launched the first online game about wine called TRIVINO. The game aims at promoting greater awareness on the world of wine from an entertaining approach, reporting on production areas, varieties and, of course, patterns of responsible and moderate consumption, central goal of the campaign.

08/07/2014 |
The Wine in Moderation implementation report 2011-2013 is now ready and available online!

We are happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation Programme implementation report 2011-2013 is now available online!

22/05/2014 |
“Wise Drinking”: the first global App for responsible drinking
Pernod Ricard launches the first global mobile application to educate consumers about responsible drinking.
20/05/2014 |
The Austrian Wine Academy successfully launches the Wine in Moderation training in 42 HORECA Schools throughout Austria

The Austrian Wine Academy which joined the WiM Association in 2013, has successfully launched its Wine in Moderation training programme in Austria´s HORECA schools making it now part of their wine training curriculum.

19/05/2014 |
The Digital Wine Communication Conference partners with WIM
The Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl will be partnering with the Digital Wine Communication conference for its 7thedition which will focus this year on Wine in Context. The conference to be held in Montreux, Switzerland from October 31st to November 2nd will bring together wine professionals and wine lovers of all backgrounds from around the world.
17/05/2014 |
Designated drivers are rewarded by wineries for their responsibility

Bodegas Abiertas is one of the biggest wine tourism events aiming at spreading oenoturism activities. Within the actions that were carried out on the day of the event, a Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre action was organised: "designated drivers" were not only given a wristband with the WIM logo, they also received prizes and gifts from the wineries to reward them for their responsibility.

03/05/2014 |
Rock music and wine associated in a Wine Rock Tour in Argentina

The fourth edition of the Wine Rock Tour took place on the 3rd of May and for the first time ever, the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme was a part of this event. This event is a unique opportunity to promote and associate passion for music, love of the land and a certain sensitivity for the wines produced as well as people’s desire to share this experience of the senses with their friends, said the organisers.

15/04/2014 |
The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme continues growing in Spain

Over the last month, the Spanish Federation of Wine (FEV) and the Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation (FIVIN) have formalised two new commitment adhesions to the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (WIM) programme: the “Schools of Hospitality Business National Association" and the wine route “Montilla-Moriles”.

08/04/2014 |
Wine in Moderation present at FIVS Policy conference

The 2014 FIVS Public Policy Conference tackled the issue of responsible and moderate drinking. The “Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beverages - Roundtable Discussion gave the opportunity to sector representatives from all over the world to present different actions and their results.

24/03/2014 |
The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme scores an outstanding 93/100 for its reporting to the EAHF

The 2013 intermediate report for the WIM commitment received the outstanding score of 93% in the 2013 assessment of EAHF monitoring activities, scoring way above the EAHF’s commitment average.

07/03/2014 |
National contest of best sommelier introduces question about responsible drinking

For the first time ever, a sommelier association has introduced a question about responsible serving in the annual national contest of best Sommelier.

04/03/2014 |
Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action met in Brussels last week

The 13th meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action took place on 4-5 March 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

03/03/2014 |
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01/03/2014 |
Decanter talks about Wine in Moderation

Decanter, one of the most famous magazines of the wine sector, dedicated a one-page article to Wine in Moderation and the second Wine Information Council conference that took place in Brussels in November 2013.

25/02/2014 |
Jerez: the 2014 European Wine City

On 22 February, Jerez hosted the Official Act Designation Jerez, European Wine City 2014. The event, chaired by the President of RECEVIN, Pietro Iadanza, counted on the attendance of the latest European Wine Cities, Marsala (2013) and Palmela (2012).

21/02/2014 |
Jerez the 2014 European Wine City joins the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme

City of Jerez and "Jerez Wine & Brandy Route" join the WIM Programme !

03/02/2014 |
Sogrape Vinhos launches monthly informational leaflet to promote moderate consumption, a balanced diet and regular exercise

SOGRAPE Vinhos launched the project "Let's take action to life": a monthly thematic information leaflet sent out to all Sogrape Vinhos employees. This leaflet aims at making Sogrape Vinhos coworkers aware of the benefits of moderate consumption, of a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise, etc. showing the will of Sogrape Vinhos to invest, educate and inform its employees about a moderate consumption and a healthy diet.

29/01/2014 |
Wine in Moderation in the press

29/01/14, the Huffington Post (France) published an article mentioning 2nd WIC Scientific Conference and Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre.

28/01/2014 |
An ever growing Wine in Moderation Programme in Spain

Spanish Federation of Wine (FEV) & the Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation (FIVIN) formalised a new commitment adhesion of the “Serranía de Ronda Wineries and Wine Route”, ENOFUSION, ENOFESTIVAL...

09/12/2013 | Πολιτισμός
Traditional Georgian winemaking method makes the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

On 4 December 13, Qvevri, the traditional Georgian winemaking method, was added to the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

05/12/2013 |
3rd annual Human Resources Forum of the Vitivinicultural Industry of Argentina

The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme was presented at the 3rd annual Human Resources Forum of the Vitivinicultural Industry of Argentina (Foro Annual de Recursos Humanos – RRHH) whcih took place on 5 December 2013.

27/11/2013 |
2nd Wine Information Council Scientific Conference was a success !

The Wine Information Council welcomed more than 100 experts from all over the world for its second scientific conference: Wine in Moderation – from Science to Art de Vivre.

22/11/2013 |
Vilafranca del Penede, first wine-growing city to join the European Programme Wine in Moderation

Driven by the European wine sector in Spain and managed by FIVIN, by delegation of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), WIM (Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre) promotes responsible consumption of wine and cava.

20/11/2013 |
The Wine in Moderation Programme presented at Wine Vision

Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association, was invited to present the WiM Association and the Wine in Moderation Programme at the first edition of the Wine Vision conference which took place in London from 18 - 20 November 2013.

18/11/2013 |

The 2nd phase of the broad & successful campaign in Spain was presented on November 18th 2013 in Barcelona with the participation of prestigious ambassadors and senior representatives.

08/10/2013 |
Argentina off to a flying start

Bodegas de Argentina (BAAC): Enganging the whole Argentinean wine sector to Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Action.

18/09/2013 | Μέτρο
Wine Information Council 2nd Scientific Conference

Following the success of the 1st WIC Conference held in 2009, the Wine Information Council decided to renew the experience with a second conference: “Wine in Moderation: from Science to Art de Vivre”. The conference took place on 27 November 2013, in the Silken Berlaymont Hotel, in Brussels Belgium.

18/09/2013 | Πολιτισμός
Wine in Moderation implementation report 2011-2012
The Wine in Moderation implementation report for 2011-2012 is now available!
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Responsible wine festivals, a must !

With summer at our doors, Vin & Société has reminded all its members about the importance of integrating responsible practices at wine tastings and wine festivals to prevent risky behaviours. It is a question of ensuring four essential values ​​at the heart of welcoming visitors: conviviality, sharing, discovery and safety.

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Vin & Société’s start for 2018: focus on engagement and communication

One of the founding members of the Wine in Moderation programme, Vin & Société stays at the forefront in raising knowledge on responsible drinking patterns by carrying out a number of activities ranging from communication to education.

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10 Years of Wine in Moderation at wine expos

Over the last 10 years, Wine in Moderation has been actively participating at business to business events, wine expos, etc. passing the moderation message and sharing their knowledge with the sector on how to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine; examples in Argentina, Portugal (ACIBEV & AEVP), Greece, Germany, Hungary, Spain, etc. show this important involvement.

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“L’apéritif de la fête » – a responsible celebration for FFVA
As every year since they joined the Wine in Moderation programme in 2015, the French Federation for Aperitif Wines (FFVA) will be spreading the Wine in Moderation message of responsibility through its annual activities, among which the “L’Apéritif de la fête”.
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The Wine Society of the University of Reims commits to inform about the responsible consumption of wine
In the frame of their continuous commitment to encouraging a sustainable consumption of wine, Vin et Société announced that the Wine Society of the University of Reims (SVUR) recently co-signed the charter of oenological clubs for higher education founded by the French National Coordinator.
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