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27 OCT 2017

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A Wine in Moderation member wins the wine tasting world championship !

The Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna, member of the WiM Association, won this year’s world championship in wine tasting that took place last 14 October. With wine tasting at the centre of the responsibility and moderation message, it is important to show that a greater understanding and appreciation of wine can enhance one’s enjoyment of it.



Wine in Moderation Symposium 2017 Wine in Moderation Symposium is fully booked !
Event on : 2 November 2017
We are happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation Symposium which will take place in Santorini on 2nd November, is fully booked.
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Iulia Scavo Master of Port 2017

Woman crowned Master of Port for the first time in history

16 October 2017
Organised by the French Federation for Aperitif Wines, the Master of Port is a prestigious event that crowns the excellence of Sommeliers and Port wine. Iulia Scavo succeeds to Denis Verneau moved and proud to hand the title to the first woman ever crowned Master of Port.
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Wim in the Netherlands : a positive evaluation for 2017
4 October 2017

With 2017 almost coming to an end, the WiM Committee of the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Merchants (KVNW) met to discuss about the 2017 WiM actions, analyse the results and plan ahead.
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Porto Fashion Night Out 2017

Fashion and wine in Porto

28 September 2017
It is during the Porto Fashion Week Night Out (PFWNO) that AEVP organised the “Wine Urban Art/Wine Spot” during which the Street Artist “Contra” created a live graffiti representing a glass of wine. Port wine cocktails were offered to the guests together with information about the appreciation of wine in moderation through leaflets, postcards, cup bases, etc.
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1 minute 1 vignoble

The international film festival "Oenovideo" rewards the TV program "1 Minute 1 Vineyard"

28 September 2017
On October 17, 2017, Vin & Société, on behalf of the winemaking associations, received the prize for the best public interest award from the jury "Adelphe Anev", partner of the international film festival "Oenovideo".
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Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium
"Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture"

Santorini, Greece
"Born Digital Wine Awards brought to you by Wine in Moderation" Announcements
02 TBC
WiM Association General Assembly,
Santorini, Greece
International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show
Royal Horticultural Halls, London, United Kingdom
03 26-27

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