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29 AUG 2017

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Hungarian wines go WiM

Celebrating its first year as national coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Hungary, the National Council of Wine Communities (HNT) has been increasing actions targeting professionals and consumers, developing material and increasing its reach throughout the country. A number of activities have been planned by HNT to inform and educate consumers on how to appreciate wine in a moderate and responsible way. And with the aim of expanding Wine in Moderation to the national tourism sector, HNT joined forces with the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) developing a common strategy to increase Wine in Moderation’s reach in the country.

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Angela Merkel receives football shirt with Wine in Moderation logo
20 June 2017
During a recent “meet & greet” with chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, WEINELF president Robert Lönarz and Wine in Moderation advocate Dr. Rowald Hepp had the honour of offering one of their football jerseys with the Wine in Moderation logo to the chancellor who happily accepted it.
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Moderate consumption of wine on social media: results show consumers are interested!
30 June 2017
In the frame of their multichannel campaign “Wim over Wijn”, KVNW has increased its presence on social media aiming at reaching young adults and generating reactions through live discussions and videos.
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Independent winegrowers act for a sustainable wine culture
14 May 2017
In their constant efforts to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine, the European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (CEVI) is also increasing actions through its constituencies at national level. It is in this frame that CEVI took Wine in Moderation to the first edition of the Wine Market of Independent Winegrowers of FIVI (the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) in Rome last May.
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Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium: Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture
02 November 2017
A growing trend, oenotourism is not only a source of revenue for wine regions, for the wine business value chain and for the society, but it is also revealing and safeguarding the great cultural heritage of wine. It is also the perfect opportunity to introduce the visitor to wine culture and to educate him on how to best appreciate wine: in moderation and responsibly.
How will wine tourism develop in a socially responsible and sustainable way? This is the question that the Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium will try to answer on 02 November 2017 on Santorini island, Greece.
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“Conoscere l’alcol”: producers of alcoholic beverages join in common campaign to inform consumers
01 June - 30 September 2017
Already in its fifth edition, the well-established social awareness campaign on moderate and responsible drinking: “Conoscere l’Alcol”, has become an annual summer appointment for the producers of wine, spirits and beer in Italy.
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Master of Port,
Paris, France
Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium
"Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture"
Santorini, Greece
15-16 02-03
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WiM Association General Assembly
Santorini, Greece
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