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27 JUNE 2017

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Education: a key tool for Wine in Moderation

Following the Oenologists‘ training curriculum, a new resolution was adopted during the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)’s General Assembly that took place in Bulgaria last month; introducing Wine in Moderation in the training curriculum of Sommeliers. With both resolutions making a clear reference and recommendation on wine, health and responsible practices training; Wine in Moderation is recognised as a necessity for wine professionals.

Wine in Moderation has been involved in education since the launch of the programme, shaping the educational offer through collaborations at international level and partnerships at numerous other levels. Starting with small training material, Wine in Moderation has been thriving to develop innovative educative tools and approaches to reach more actors in more countries, establishing social responsibility as a must in wine professionals’ education.



Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2014-2016 Wine in Moderation publishes 2014-2016 report
13 June 2017

The WiM Association is happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation programme Implementation Report 2014-2016 is now available online. 2014-2016 was a period of establishment. Wine in Moderation further expanded and welcomed many new members and partners from around the globe, scaling-up action with the development of numerous activities and campaigns.
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BDWAbyWIM BDWAbyWIM proud to announce panel of international judges
26 June 2017
The Born Digital Wine Awards by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM) is the only competition that awards talented writers, photographers and video producers creating digital material in 7 different languages and is proud to count on an equally international and highly talented panel of judges.
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Pirandello: his passion for wine
28 June 2017
The Istituto di Studi Pirandelliani, a cultural institute of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism, will be organising an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Luigi Pirandello, the Italian dramatist, novelist, poet and writer. This event will be held under the patronage of Unione Italiana Vini and Wine in moderation.
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Bodegas de Argentina celebrates 25 years of the French paradox
22 & 26 June 2017
Bodegas de Argentina celebrated the 25th anniversary of this landmark research with a Wine and Health Symposium under the Wine in Moderation Argentinean programme, examining the latest research supporting or challenging the French Paradox, that was presented 25 years ago, understanding its relevance to today lifestyle and the risk of cardiovascular diseases
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Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo 2017 Wine in Moderation at Wine Expos: Vinexpo, a new experience
22 & 26 June 2017

One of the world’s leading wine trade shows, Vinexpo Bordeaux embraced the Wine in Moderation message and presented it to its visitors from 18 to 21 June 2017. Recognising the value of Wine in Moderation and embracing the programme, Vinexpo stepped up to support Wine in Moderation in its efforts to promote a sustainable wine culture. With what started off as simple activities through the distribution of leaflets to promote the moderation message; Vinexpo will be looking to increase its actions in future editions showing its commitment to a sustainable wine culture.
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Vin et Societe & Road Safety Road safety at wine parties: a priority for Vin & Société
16 June 2017
Vin & Société has recently updated its website, regrouping all the actors involved in road safety prevention on one single platform. The aim is to empower the organisers of wine parties and festivals with all the necessary information to inform and educate the consumer about the dangers related to drink driving, raise awareness and implement concrete measures adapted to the setting of a wine festival / party.
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Geniettips - Wim over wijn Wim is alive!
26 June 2017

The nice and friendly character Wim, developed in the frame of the Dutch “Wim over wijn” campagin, has come to life in a TV commercial giving tips on how to best appreciate wine. This new facet of the campaign follows a series of tools and activities, and is in line with the www.wimoverwijn.nl campaign website where Wim provides tips on how to enjoy a glass of wine through 10-sec videos and short texts.
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