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02 MAY 2017

Michelin star restaurant & Wine in Moderation

Michelin star restaurant initiates smaller serving sizes

For the first time since the launch of the programme, a Michelin starred restaurant has joined Wine in Moderation to add a small piece to the puzzle. Petro Kools, and Margot Reuten the proud owners of the “Da Vinci” restaurant in The Netherlands, a well-known and respected Michelin star restaurant, have started to serve half “W.I.M.” glasses of wine.



Munskänkarna elects new wine city of the year
April 2017

Beautiful Istria, along the coast of Croatia was recently elected as 2017 Wine City (village) of the year by Munskänkarna. Elected every year by the Swedish Consumer Association, the wine city of the year is selected based on a number of criteria, among which vicinity, quality and innovation.
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1 minute 1 Vignoble One minute to discover a wine region
27 March - 18 June 2017

With the aim of highlighting oenotourism and the diversity of its wine regions, the French wine sector has developed a set of short TV programmes called “1 Minute, 1 Vineyard” * that will be broadcasted on the two main public service channels from 27 March to 18 of June.
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Responsible wine festivals, a must !
April 2017

With summer at our doors, Vin & Société has reminded all its members about the importance of integrating responsible practices at wine tastings and wine festivals to prevent risky behaviours. It is a question of ensuring four essential values ​​at the heart of welcoming visitors: conviviality, sharing, discovery and safety.
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Master of Port 2017 Contestants of Master of Port to answer questions about responsible wine consumption
15 May - 16 October 2017
In the frame of the next Master of Port which will be carrying the Wine in Moderation logo for the second consecutive edition, the French Federation for Aperitif Wines (FFVA) is proud to announce it has taken an additional step into the Wine in Moderation programme. Contestants of the famous Sommelier competition will indeed be asked questions related to responsible serving, incorporating this important dimension into the broader necessary competences of Sommeliers.
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Semana del Malbec 2017 Discovering wine culture through the Malbec Wine Week
3 - 9 April 2017

For the second year in row, Bodegas de Argentina together with Wines of Argentina and the Government of Buenos Aires celebrated the Malbec grape variety at the Malbec Wine Week.
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London Wine Fair
London, United Kingdom
May European Association Summit 2017 Brussels Belgium
22-23 30-31
May Hungarian National Wine Competition Silken
Budapest, Hungary
Bordeaux, France
22-24 18-20

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