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02 MAY 2019

Responsible Service Training: a must for students of Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism

Responsible Service Training: a must for students of Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism

Sogrape Vinhos in the person of George Sandeman carried out the 3rd edition of the responsible service training. 80 students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Porto attended the session which took place on April 12th.

Topics such as the legislation in force for the consumption and service of alcohol, the impact of alcohol on the body, how to face difficulties when selling alcoholic beverages, how to create the right environment, etc. were some of the issues presented to the participants. Students were also informed about the benefits of a moderate and responsible consumption and the risks of abuse and misuse of alcoholic beverages.

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Wine in moderation Activities
from around the world

12th Wine Competition Award Ceremony

The Cyprus Wine Competition hits gold with Wine in Moderation

12 April 2019

The celebration of the 12th Wine Competition Award Ceremony wrapped up a successful week of international judging with record participation and exceptional adoption of the Wine in Moderation message.
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Portuguese Alcohol and Health Forum 2019

ACIBEV represents wine sector at Portuguese Alcohol & Health Forum

11 April 2019

ACIBEV represented the national wine sector at the annual meeting of the Portuguese Alcohol & Health Forum (FNAS) which presented the status of consumption of alcoholic beverages in Portugal and in Europe.
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Vin & Société : 2e édition du laboratoire d’idées  « Génération Y et le vin »

France: millennials and wine

27 March 2019

With the aim to understand the place that wine occupies in the culture and the heart of the millennial generation, Vin & Société organised its second laboratory of ideas.
The two crowned videos explored the particular relation the filmmakers have with wine, their story, etc. putting forward the important link of wine to the culture, the people, regions, etc.
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Vyno Dienos 2019

Vyno Dienos offers a responsible wine experience

03-04 May 2019

As one of the leading expos in the Baltic countries, Vynos Dienos reaches a large number of professionals and consumers alike. Strong believers in the message of Wine in Moderation, the expo’s organisers will provide a complete responsible wine experience and inform visitors on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine.
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The Month of Malbec 2019

A Responsible Malbec Month

7 - 10 April 2019

In commemoration of World Malbec Day, which takes place on 17 April every year, Bodegas de Argentina decided to dedicate the entire month to special tastings, all in honour of this emblematic grape variety that represents Argentina on the international scene. All the activities carried out during the month are reinforced by the responsible message of Wine in Moderation.
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UPCOming actions

Wine in Moderation launch in Colombia

A week dedicated to the launch of Wine in Moderation in Colombia

6-10 May 2019

From the 6th to the 10th of May, the Colombian wine value chain, from the hospitality sector to wine importers and horeca, will be discovering Wine in Moderation during a series of events in the country.
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Vinexpo 2019 Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo: caring about your customer is caring about your legacy
14 May 2019

The world is changing; more and more people value their health, the sustainability of the environment and of their communities. “Wine in Moderation” cares about wine heritage, wine regions and the people that enjoy wine and quickly spotted the upcoming changes in the wine market.
By joining us in this presentation, you will learn why social responsibility matters and discover good practices and tools.
Discover what Wine in Moderation stands for, and how we can work together to promote a positive wine culture.
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Based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the website, these news articles are built around key questions (What is this research? What does it mean? What is new? Etc.)

Do dietary patterns influence cognitive performance in midlife?

What is good for the heart is also good for the brain. Prospective studies show that elder individuals have fewer cardiovascular diseases and a lower risk of dementia when consuming a Mediterranean diet with moderate wine consumption. But which role does nutrition play in early adulthood with respect to the cognitive performance*? The objective of the current CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Developmment in Young Adults) study was to investigate this question.
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Mediterranean diet roundtable

27 June 2019
For more information on the programme of the conference, visit the dedicated website.

Wine in Moderation
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April 2019




Wine in Moderation celebrated its 10 years’ anniversary in 2018, and took this opportunity to reflect on the future. A new 2020-2025 strategy, which will be approved during the May General Assembly, is under development and will present a new, fresh and upbeat branding. Stay tuned for more information !


5th UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
San Sebastián, Spain
May 2nd Wine in Moderation launch event,
Medellin, Colombia
02-03 08
1st Wine in Moderation launch event,
Bogota, Colombia
Vinexpo 2019
Bordeaux, France
06 13-16

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