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29 MARCH 2019

Wine in Moderation at Prowein 2019

Wine in Moderation: a must for ProWein visitors?

ProWein closed its doors after three intense days, welcoming an ever-increasing number of visitors. 61,500 guests of the wider wine sector, among which retail, HORECA, etc. made the trip, while 6,900 exhibitors represented 64 nations. As last year, Wine in Moderation was one of the exhibitors.

The Wine in Moderation booth, led by the Deutsche Weinakademie, was located at the Northern Entrance of the fair, and invited the trade fair visitors to test their Breath Alcohol Concentration informing them about the dangers of drink driving. 500 alcohol tests were done with a digital breathalizer while 850 disposable breathalizers were handed out.

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Wine in moderation Activities from around the world

Ibravin launches online training

Ibravin launches online training in Brazil

20 March 2019

IBRAVIN recently launched a new online training “Qualidade na Taça” (or "Quality in a glass") aimed at professionals of the HORECA sector and new potential entrepreneurs. The course started on 20 March.
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2019 Pannónia Gold Ring Competition

The conscious enjoyment of wine: key for young winemakers in Hungary

7 March 2019

The biennial recognises young and promising Hungarian winemakers. The winemakers are invited to present their wines as well as a short film summarising their activities and highlighting how they perceive the conscious enjoyment of wine.
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Peloponnese Wine Festival embodies the moderation message

17 February 2019

The annual Peloponnese Wine Festival took place last 17 February at the Hellenic motor museum. This year’s edition fully embraced the Wine in Moderation message.
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Bodegas de Argentina celebrates annual harvest with responsible message

Bodegas de Argentina celebrates annual harvest with responsible message

26 February 2019

Bodegas de Argentina organised the 2019 Harvest Lunch, one of the biggest events of the wine sector in Argentina. Committed to responsible drinking, Bodegas de Argentina always includes tips for a responsible consumption of wine which are disseminated through the event.
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Dutch character Wim at ProWein

Dutch character Wim visits ProWein

18 March 2019

Every year, ProWein turns “Orange” for an hour. Organised by the German wine office based in the Netherlands, this year’s “Orange hour” also saw the participation of the Dutch Wine in Moderation character Wim who accompanied the event with the responsible message.
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In Vino Virtus 2019

Fifth edition of “In Vino Virtus” receives patronage from European Parliament

7 - 10 April 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, UIV has renewed its commitment to spread a responsible culture of wine through its social awareness campaign "In Vino Virtus - Change your drinking save your life". This year’s edition will be organised under the patronage of the European Parliament, as well as national authorities, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Interior.
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Based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the website, these news articles will be built around key questions (What is this research? What does it mean? What is new? Etc.)

Discover our refreshed scientific section hereunder.

Wine and coffee – what do they have in common?

Have you ever wondered whether there are any similarities between coffee and wine? Morten Scholer, a Swiss-resident Dane who formerly worked as a UN coffee advisor decided to look into the matter.
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What about the impact of moderate consumption of alcohol on kidneys disease?

In this prospective US study, the researchers found that low to moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages (1-15 drinks per week) was associated with a lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease. They conclude that a moderate intake, therefore, is not likely to be harmful to the kidneys.
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The Mediterranean diet: an emerging medical prescription?

This review describes the challenges of the Mediterranean dietary pattern. Approximately half a century ago, the Mediterranean lifestyle progressively gained recognition as one of the healthiest patterns of living and eating.
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