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FIVIN, the Foundation for Wine Research and Nutrition created in 1992, focuses on the assessment of possible protective effects of a moderate wine consumption on our body and on human health from a medical standpoint. FIVIN undertakes continuous research and data collection on wine and health, under the supervision of a scientific committee made up of doctors, health technicians and nutrition specialists of international prestige.


Madrid offices:
Padilla, 38

08026 Madrid

Offices Pol. Ind. Domenys II.
Plaça Àgora, s/n. Centre Àgora

08720 Vilafranca del Penedès
Von 26/04/2016 bis 28/04/2016
Mediterranean Diet Congress reveals links between of diet & health
26-28.04.16, Barcelona, Spain. Celebrating the 20 years of existence, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation held the XI Mediterranean Congress during Alimentaria. Once more, the Mediterranean Congress was a great opportunity to learn more about the latest scientific research about the Mediterranean Diet, health and a moderate consumption of wine. The [...]
Von 29/01/2015 bis 29/01/2015
WIM presented at Spanish Wine & Health conference
January 29, Burgos, Spain - The Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) was invited to participate in a "Wine and Health" conference organised by the Spanish Wine Technology Platform (PTV). The meeting brought together leading experts in research on the implications of wine on health and nutrition, as well as some specialists on innovation applied to use hea [...]
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