Bodegas de Argentina

Bodegas de Argentina ist eine Handelskammer, der die wichtigsten argentinischen Weingüter angeschlossen sind. Sie wurde im Jahr 2001 gegründet und ist aus der Zusammenführung des Centro de Bodegueros de Mendoza und der Asociación Vitivinícola Argentina entstanden. Erstere hatte ihren Sitz in Mendoza und wurde 1935 gegründet, letztere entstand 1904 mit Sitz in Buenos Aires. Bodegas of Argentina ist die erste außereuropäische Vereinigung, die sich offiziell WIM aisbl angeschlossen hat.

Bodegas de Argentina


Rivadavia 592 – M5500GHL - Mendoza


Buenos Aires

Güemes 4474, 1º Piso C 1425BLF - CABA.

Von 01/06/2019 bis 29/06/2019
Bodegas Abiertas: a new concept of sustainable wine tourism
Bodegas Abiertas is back in 2019 for a new updated edition. Already strongly committed to responsible consumption with the “Designated Drivers”, the 40 participating wineries in Mendoza will also be collaborating with the Light Project for the first time since the programme was launched. The Light Project (or Proyecto de Luz), is a Mendoza-bas [...]
Von 02/05/2018 bis 02/05/2018
Are wine hackatons compatible with moderation?
Last May, bloggers, journalists, influencers and wine enthusiasts all joined the cultural city of Konex in Buenos Aires to live a new communication experience uniting the virtual and the real world. The #WineHackaton joined forces with #EnjoyMalbec with the aim of making wine tasting a trending topic on social media, through comments and photos, c [...]
Von 16/04/2018 bis 22/04/2018
“Semana del Malbec” endorses the responsible consumption of wine
The “Semana del Malbec” that took place mid-April, was yet another occasion for Bodegas de Argentina to showcase the Wine in Moderation message in the frame of an event largely attended by Argentinean wine consumers. Water was freely distributed at wine tastings, leaflets with the responsible message were disseminated and wine in moderation pe [...]
Von 10/11/2017 bis 10/11/2017
The Argentinian Wine Open Day
Last 10 November, Bodegas de Argentina and the Argentinean School of Sommeliers (EAS) celebrated the Wine Open Day (WOD). Every year, this social event takes place in the cities of Buenos Aires and Mendoza with the aim to open the doors of their two Institutions and welcome consumers, sommeliers and wineries to taste wines and finger food in an enj [...]
Von 01/08/2017 bis 31/12/2017
A Wine & Music Tasting? it takes place in Argentina
From August to December 2017, different meetings called "Wine and Music", have been planned together with Wine in Moderation, Grupo Peñaflor, and the Cheese Club, gathering celebrities, journalists, chefs and artists. Organised in “Margen del Mundo”, an audio-visual journalistic space based in Buenos Aires, the objective of these events is to [...]
Von 22/06/2017 bis 26/06/2017
Bodegas de Argentina celebrates 25 years of the French paradox
The term “French paradox” refers to the observation, in 1992, that while both the French and Americans have a diet high in saturated fats, smoke cigarettes and exercise little - all risk factors for cardiovascular disease - the French have a significantly lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease than the Americans: 36% compared to 75%. Man [...]
Von 11/05/2017 bis 14/05/2017
Tasty & Healthy? The new big thing in Argentina – Wine in Moderation at the Masticar Fair in Buenos Aires
With healthy food at the centre of news articles, blog posts, and trends, Bodegas de Argentina decided to participate at the Masticar Food & Wine fair for the fourth time in a row showing its commitment to encourage a modern and healthy lifestyle. Since wine is best appreciated together with good food, it was only natural that wine bars and wi [...]
Von 03/04/2017 bis 09/04/2017
Discovering wine culture through the Malbec Wine Week
For the second year in row, Bodegas de Argentina together with Wines of Argentina and the Government of Buenos Aires celebrated the Malbec grape variety at the Malbec Wine Week. Over 7.000 people enjoyed the Malbec Wine Week during which they also had the opportunity to learn more about the moderate and responsible consumption of wine. Mineral wat [...]
Von 05/05/2016 bis 08/05/2016
A fair dedicated to Wine & healthy eating
Bodegas de Argentina participated at the Masticar Food & Wine fair for the third time early May, promoting the message of Wine in Moderation. The Wine in Moderation message was received by more than 35 000 people in four days, and responsible drinking was indeed at the core of the fair. The Villavicentio mineral water company, an innovative p [...]
Von 04/04/2016 bis 09/04/2016
A week dedicated to Malbec
For the first time last April, Bodegas de Argentina, Wines of Argentina and the Government of Buenos Aires organised the Malbec Wine Week, a week dedicated to celebrating the Argentinian grape variety. The Wine in Moderation responsible message was included in all the events’ communication, press releases, websites, fan pages but also and most i [...]
Von 24/09/2015 bis 26/09/2015
Vinos y Bodegas Wine Fair – A classic event
For its 15th edition, the Vinos y Bodegas Wine Fair has taken a step further by putting forward the link between wine and gastronomy and welcoming a gourmet market. Visitors had the opportunity to appreciate delicacies from five famous food trucks alongside the wines from 45 wineries representing the various vitivinicultural regions of Argentina an [...]
Von 06/06/2015 bis 06/06/2015
A new challenge for Malbec
In the frame of its WIM action plan 2015, Bodegas de Argentina has made the WIM programme part of renowned events inside of the Argentinian wine industry and yet again last month during the event “A New Challenge for the Malbec” organised by specialised journalist Francisco Rivero Segura in Buenos Aires. Winemakers, sommeliers, communicators [...]
Von 11/04/2015 bis 11/04/2015
Social responsibility at the Malbec Open Days
For the second consecutive year, Bodegas de Argentina supported the Malbec Open Days with several social responsibility activities. Wine professionals had the opportunity to taste a vast range of different Malbec wines from various regions in Argentina (i.e.: Cuyo, Noa, Patagonia, etc.). The event which took place in Buenos Aires on Saturday 11 Ap [...]
Von 30/10/2014 bis 01/11/2014
Vinos y Bodegas Wine Fair adopts the WIM message of responsibility
Considered as one of the most important of the wine industry, the Vinos y Bodegas Wine Fair brought together Argentinean wine professionals and wine lovers in a joyful event. The 2014 edition, organised by Bodegas de Argentina and La Rural last October, welcomed more than 10 000 visitors and was indeed different than previous years as the Wine in M [...]
Von 16/10/2014 bis 19/10/2014
WIM alongside the most recognised chefs in Argentina
Last October, Bodegas de Argentina took part in the Masticar food and wine fair organised by A.C.E.L.G.A.* to promote responsible consumption of wine. The fair which had programmed various activities, also gave visitors the opportunity to discover different types of wines alongside the WIM message. A special video was also developed together with t [...]
Von 29/09/2014 bis 05/10/2014
Argentinean Wine Week endorsed by the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme for the first time
The Wine Week organised from September 29th to October 5th took place in Buenos Aires and the most important cities of Argentina. The event, organised by Bodegas de Argentina and Glam Out, targeted young people between the ages of 25 and 35. How to understand and enjoy what you drink is important, every activity of the Wine Week was thus organised [...]
Von 25/06/2014 bis 25/06/2014
Bodegas de Argentina organises a WIM workshop with leading wine companies
(25/06/14, Mendoza) Bodegas de Argentina organised a Wine in Moderation workshop with leading wine companies exchanging knowledge, experience and best practices about the WIM programme implementation in Argentina. The event took place at Domain Trapiche, one of the biggest wineries, which belongs to Grupo Peñaflor. Thirty people from different ar [...]
Von 24/06/2014
Wines of Argentina joins the Wine in Moderation programme in Argentina
(24/06/14, Mendoza) Wines of Argentina - WofA, the institution which communicates and promotes Argentinian wines on the external market, has joined the Wine in Moderation Programme in Argentina. The participation of WofA in the Wine in Moderation programme is the start for new opportunities; not only to spread the WIM message but also to impulse t [...]
Von 07/03/2014 bis 09/03/2014
Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre at Buenos Aires’ first gastronomy festival
For the first time ever, a Food & Wine Fair was organized in Buenos Aires and Bodegas de Argentina (BdA) joined the party with the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme. Taking the opportunity of this event, BdA set up a whole stand fully dedicated to the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme to communicate, inform and educat [...]
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