Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019

14 Mai 2019 - 14 Mai 2019
Ort: Bordeaux, France
Organisator: EVOINOS
Moët Hennessy
Vin et Société

Land: France

In the frame of its cooperation with Vinexpo, Wine in Moderation was invited to organise a debate around the topic “Wine in Moderation: caring about your customer is caring about your legacy”.

As more and more people value their health, the sustainability of the environment and of their communities, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make a difference as people want to make choices that have a positive impact.

Wine in Moderation cares about the heritage of wine, wine regions and the people that enjoy wine. The four panellists: Noélie Genevey (Moët Hennessy), Stéphanie Piot (Vin et Société), Patrick d’Heuchenne (Evoinos) and Nadia Frittella (WiM Association), all involved in the Wine in Moderation Programme either as members, Board representative or WiM Association, presented the social responsibility programme that is Wine in Moderation, its national implementation, good practices and tools and the importance of social responsibility programmes such as this one.

The professionals of the wine sector who participated in the debate thus discovered what Wine in Moderation stands for, and most and foremost how the sector can work together to promote a positive wine culture.

For more information on Wine in Moderation, or how to get involved.

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