Io Vivo Mediterraneo

01 Mai 2013 - 01 Januar 1970
Ort: Italy
Organisator: FEDERVINI

Land: Italy

Federvini communicates its active support towards responsible drinking through a digital platform - a Facebook page and a website. Facebook is used as a basis to improve dialogue with young adults and promote awareness of responsible drinking patterns represented by the Mediterranean Style.

The weekly columns and daily posts follow various topics such as: initiatives promoted by Federvini’s members either about social responsibility or representing the Mediterranean style, the values of the Mediterranean style, creating the drinking culture, comparisons between negative and positive forms of behaviour, tips for the weekend such as where to go, what to do in the weekend and future possibilities for involvement with users (e.g. send me your pictures of Mediterranean style).

For more information about the campaign, visit its dedicated website: www.beresponsabile.it

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