French Aperitif Wines embrace the responsible message

15 Oktober 2017 - 16 Oktober 2017
Ort: Paris, France
Organisator: Fédération Française des vins d'Apéritif

Land: France

Since it joined the Wine in Moderation programme in 2015, the French Federation for Aperitif Wines (FFVA) has been committed to spread the Wine in Moderation message of responsibility, through its activities.

This Autumn will be no exception to the rule, as the FFVA will be organising two important events dedicated to the gastronomy and its link to wine and aperitif wines, among which the next Master of Port. The Master of Port 2017 will indeed be designated in the occasion of the final rounds of qualifications that will take place in Paris on 15 and 16 October.

In addition to adding the Wine in Moderation logo to all their communication, the FFVA has further shown its commitment to moderation and responsibility by adding questions about the responsible consumption of wine in the frame of the Master of Port competition.

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