Vin & Société’s start for 2018: focus on engagement and communication

One of the founding members of the Wine in Moderation programme, Vin & Société stays at the forefront in raising knowledge on responsible drinking patterns by carrying out a number of activities ranging from communication to education.

Looking to further reinforce its contribution in reducing alcohol related harm, Vin et Société will be looking to strengthen its commitment in 2018 and to further motivate action, with new communication material and an increased educational offer.


With the aim of reaffirming its commitment to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine, Vin & Société has developed a new leaflet: "Responsible consumption: The vine and wine industry is involved".

This leaflet shows the various commitments of the sector at societal level: alcohol risk prevention, training in responsible consumption, education.; but also contains key figures of the sector as well as the cultural and heritage values ​​of the vineyards.

Through this leaflet, the French wine sector recalls its duty of responsibility, the importance of education and the promotion of moderation to fight against alcohol abuse and risky behaviours.

Furthermore, in addition to its existing communication tools, Vin & Société has also recently developed new materials to support a sustainable culture of wine. These tools which have the aim to give better insights about the culture of wine, its history, oenotourism, etc. were recently introduced in the Vin & Société toolbox.

To learn more about Vin & Société’s action, visit their dedicated webpage on the Wine in Moderation website.

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