Sogrape Vinhos launches monthly informational leaflet to promote moderate consumption, a balanced diet and regular exercise

Last February, SOGRAPE Vinhos launched the project "Let's take action to life": a monthly thematic information leaflet sent out to all Sogrape Vinhos employees. This leaflet aims at making Sogrape Vinhos coworkers aware of the benefits of moderate consumption, of a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise, etc. showing the will of Sogrape Vinhos to invest, educate and inform its employees about a moderate consumption and a healthy diet.

So far, two leaflets have been sent out, the first one which was issued in February focused on physical exercise whereas the second concentrated on alcohol consumption. The latter gave a brief description of the origins of alcohol and on its effect on the body, also mentioning guidelines for low-risk consumption.

Moreover, it also gave guidance to parents as to how to best explain the subject "Wine in Moderation" to younger people, mentioning also the existence of a brochure dedicated to parents: Be prepared to speak with your children about alcohol, and recognising that parents have an important role to play.

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