PRESS RELEASE: Wine in Moderation: a preview of the 2015-2018 actions

Brussels – 27/04/2015. The WIM Spring Wine Tasting Reception organised in parallel with the 2015 FIVS Global Trade Policy Conference gathered more than one hundred personalities, ranging from authorities, to high representatives of the international wine business around the world, and many friends and partners of WIM Aisbl.

The reception was a great opportunity to celebrate the ever growing WIM programme, which continues its expansion throughout the world, and present a preview of WIM’s future projects for the period 2015-2018.

We are very proud of the success of the WIM programme so far” said Ursula Fradera, Vice-President of Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre, “and we are enthusiastic to consistently move forward with new activities and concepts to increase awareness among consumers and wine professionals on moderate wine consumption.

The WIM Spring Wine Tasting Reception was also the opportunity to present the latest activity announced by WIM: the Born Digital Wine Awards Brought to you by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM). The goal will be to spotlight the best wine content published digitally, promoting a positive culture of wine in the world of communication and thus contributing to spreading the WIM message of responsibility. The BDWAbyWIM ceremony will be held at the 2015 Digital Wine Communications Conference in October in Bulgaria.

The celebration which took place in the Orangerie du Parc d'Egmont located in a beautiful park in the center of Brussels, was yet another opportunity to bring people together to enjoy the culture of wine as a lifestyle centered on love for the taste, diversity and quality.

Wine, a culture of moderation.

Canva of pictures from the 2015 WIM event

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