EDUCATION: The VET Art de Vivre Partnership recognised as example of good practice

02/12/14, Brussels – The Belgian francophone office for professional training (AEF-Europe) evaluated and awarded the VET Art de Vivre Partnership Programme (Leonardo da Vinci programme funded by the European Commission) with very good to excellent scores across all categories, and recognising it as an example of good practice.

Coordinated by WIM Aisbl, the VET Art de Vivre Partnership programme counted nine partners from seven different countries. After two years and numerous meetings where exchange of knowledge and best practices took place; the Partnership delivered among others, a comprehensive market and training needs analysis report and three training modules proposals on wine, health and responsible consumption aimed at oenologists, sommeliers and physicians.

After being recognised as an example of good practice, the Partnership is now looking to further capitalise on the work that has been developed, by implementing and certifying innovative Vocational Education and Training (VET) approaches and programmes on responsible serving/selling/drinking.

WIM Aisbl, its Members and Partners have already initiated the necessary dialogue to introduce and recognise this necessary knowledge, skills and competences in the job profiles of key professionals both at the formal and informal level of education, in accordance with the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

The WIM training Programme in Germany, the partnerships initiated in a number of countries with the Hospitality sector for respective training, as well as the introduction of WIM training by professionals such as Sommeliers and Oenologists in Greece, are only some of the concrete examples of generated actions which have been further developed through the VET Art de Vivre Partnership tools.

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