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The Lifestyle, Diet, Wine, and Health Congress is in less than two months: register now and enjoy the early bird rate

The Lifestyle, Diet, Wine, and Health Congress is in less than two months: register now and enjoy the early bird rate

With the countdown to the Scientific Congress in Toledo now at less than two months, anticipation is growing. The Lifestyle, Diet, Wine, and Health Congress, co-organised by the Wine Information Council and FIVIN will gather experts, researchers, doctors, academics, and health enthusiasts from all corners of the world and will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange ideas.

Find out about the latest scientific evidence about cardiovascular health: What are the key factors for a healthy heart? Can lifestyle choices impact your health and if so, how? Explore the marriage of eating and drinking from the perspective of nutritionists and chefs. How is your well-being associated with lifestyle choices? What are the secrets of longevity?

With the objective to unveil the latest research findings, reinforcing the growing consensus that lifestyle choices bear great importance. Dr. Estruch, President of FIVIN comments: "There is increasing evidence that lifestyle is one of the main determinants of the incidence of most chronic diseases. This Congress will present the results of the latest research on how to improve diet (including wine consumption), physical activity and social factors to reduce mortality (increased longevity) and the incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and the most prevalent cancers."

Nicolai Worm, Chair of the Wine Information Council, shares the excitment: "It is great that we can gather so many researchers with a diversity of expertise from all over the world in the historical city of Toledo for this international congress. I am looking forward to discussing and exchanging ideas with them about the latest scientific evidence on how several lifestyle factors in general, and in particular a Mediterranean diet including a glass of wine, can contribute to better health and possibly a longer lifespan."

Interested in these topics ? Join the “Lifestyle, diet, wine and health” Congress which will take place in Toledo from 18 to 19 October ! Enjoy the early-bird rates until September 1st.

For more information about the program and how to register, visit the Congress website: https://www.lifestylewine2023.com/