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"Moderate drinking – is it still a healthy lifestyle choice?"

"Moderate drinking – is it still a healthy lifestyle choice?"

Considering scientific evidence, light to moderate drinking can be – among factors such as a balanced diet, non-smoking, normal body weight and regular physical activity - a healthy lifestyle choice.

For many decades, the health benefits of moderate consumers of alcoholic beverages have been shown consistently in many scientific studies. The J-curve has been established where moderate drinkers are at a lower risk of chronic diseases (such as coronary heart disease) and death from all causes than either abstainers or heavy drinkers.

In contrast, headlines in the media and some journal articles reported that there is no safe level of consumption and that the adverse health effects associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages outweigh any beneficial effects.

This workshop will consider the body of evidence and the research results that have established the J-curve. Is scientific data still valid? Is it a sensible approach to drink in moderation for good health or is it actually a health hazard?

These questions and the latest scientific evidence will be debated in a Round Table discussion moderated by Helena Conibear, Co – Director of The International Scientific on Alcohol Research (ISFAR) and Alcohol in Moderation (AIM) in conversation with Prof. R Curtis Ellison, Dr. Erik Skovenborg and Dr. Creina Stockley, all members of AIM Social Scientific and Medical Council and founding members of ISFAR. You can read their biographies here: Forum Members – Institute on Lifestyle & Health (

We invite you to submit any question you might have for the experts about this topic through the registration button below: 

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  • Tue 26.10.2021 14:30 → Tue 26.10.2021 14:30


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