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About WiM

How it works

How it works

How it works ?

We are a unique coalition of responsible wine organisations joined by universities, authorities, and wine consumers from around the world, that aim to promote well-being and a balanced lifestyle and safeguard the heritage of wine. Wine in Moderation is an international and credible reference of the wine sector’s social responsibility, developing a wealth of actions and campaigns to inspire the conscious enjoyment of wine.

How it works

Our structure

  • WiM Association

    The WiM Association is the international association, founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies, that centrally coordinates the Wine in Moderation Programme and expands its reach and impact throughout the world.

  • WiM National Coordinator

    In each country, there are one or more WiM national coordinators that support the planning, coordination, implementation, and accountability of the programme in their respective countries. Through their WiM actions and the WiM actions of the national WiM Supporters (their constituencies, wineries, associations, institutes, retailers and other national stakeholders), they are the driving force and the contact point of the programme in their countries or regions, spreading the message of Wine in Moderation.

  • WiM Supporter

    WiM supporters are all those entities that join the programme at national level and actively support Wine in Moderation under the guidance of the respective WiM National Coordinator in their countries. To join the Wine in Moderation programme as a WiM supporter, please click here.

  • Ambassador Company

    Our Ambassador Companies are leading wine companies that support the efforts made at international and national level setting the example with their leadership in social responsibility and high contributions. These leading companies are the Wine in Moderation Ambassadors. Ambassador Companies work in close collaboration with the national WiM coordinators and the WiM Association and play a critical role in the Wine in Moderation programme. Wherever a WiM National Coordinator does not exist, an Ambassador Company can take WiM actions and support the establishment of the programme in the respective country, in close liaison and coordination with the WiM Association. By becoming Ambassador companies, leading wine companies participate in a tangible and visible Corporate Social Responsibility programme, reinforcing the leadership in social responsibility in the wine category in more than 25 countries where Wine in Moderation is active.


    Founding member of the WiM Association, the representative professional body of the EU industry and trade in wines - CEEV is the creator and owner of the Wine in Moderation commitment.

  • Partner

    Partnerships are key for the programme. Key actors of the international wine value chain and representative international bodies of various stakeholders can become Associated Partner. Partners support the development of the programme and the dissemination of the message across different wine value chains and at international level. Initial partnerships have spawned larger networks, leading to more partnerships at local and national level and multiplying commitments for activities towards education and prevention of irresponsible communication, sales and drinking.

  • We are members of

    Wine in Moderation Association is also a proud member of: