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How to join Wine in Moderation and become a WIM logo registered authorised user?

All economic entities that would like to join the Wine in Moderation Programme as WIM supporters and use the WIM logo have to apply to join, agree on the terms and condition of the use of the logo and register online.

The Wine in Moderation Programme National Coordinator (WIM TM Collective User) in your country, is responsible to approve your application to join the programme and authorise you the use of the logo.

In case there should not be a Wine in Moderation Programme National Coordinator in your respective country, the WiM Association (WIM TM Owner), the programme's international coordinator, will approve your application and authorise the WIM logo use.

To learn more about the countries with a National WIM Coordinator, click here.

Important notice: Even if you have joined the Programme in the past, but not register hereby online, you will still have to register and become an authorised user of the WIM logo. This is a very important step in our effort to protect the Wine in Moderation brand and create more value for the Wine in Moderation Programme and for all you that have joined the Programme.

How to apply and register online?

To help you join the Programme and become an authorised user we have developed an online registration procedure.

Please note that we carefully check each application. We always try to answer you as soon as possible but this could take up to max 10 working days depending on the country.

With the approval of the application you will receive a WIM supporter certificate and access to download the WIM TM/logo.

Please choose below the option that best fits you:

To join the Wine in Moderation Programme become an authorised user and register online, please click here.

If you have already joined the Wine in Moderation Programme and you only want to register and be authorised the use of the WIM logo please click here.

Are you a WIM Ambassador Company affiliate?

If you are an affiliate of a Wine in Moderation Ambassador company, thus currently an affiliate wine company and/or brand of Moët Hennessy, Sogrape Vinhos or Pernod Ricard, you are considered as a prior user but you still have to register on-line.

If yes, please select the Ambassador Company you are affiliated to

and then click here to register.

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