Take action WIM

Now that you have joined the Wine in Moderation Programme, registered online and you are authorized to use the logo, please take a look at the points below and learn more about how an action qualifies as “Wine in Moderation action”:

  1. It is developed by a WIM Actor/supporter
    (Economic entities that have joined the programme and registered online)

  2. It carries the WIM logo/message and/or has a reference to the Wine in Moderation programme (co-branding)

  3. It follows the principles, values of the Wine in Moderation programme and is in line and not conflicting with the Wine in Moderation programme strategy and the National and/or WiM Association Action Plan

  4. It adheres to the Wine Communications Standards principles without prejudice of full compliance with the existing regulations and self-regulatory codes in force whatever content, dissemination medium or form that they take.

It is as simple as that!

The only remaining thing to do is to download the Programme Toolkits and get started.

Good luck and remember to inform us about your activities so that we can include them in our reports.

The WINE IN MODERATION logos and symbols are Registered Trademarks and protected under law. The use of these symbols and logos is reserved to authorised users only.

If you want to be authorized the use please follow the link to join the programme/register.

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