Tools are continuously being developed to support the implementation of the Wine in Moderation programme and the delivery of the moderation message across international audiences.

The different materials listed below have been organized per type of actor and programme mission.

Organise Action

You have just joined the Wine in Moderation programme and you are wondering where to start?

To develop a WiM Action you have to join the programme, register and be authorized the use of the WIM TM, please follow the link to join the programme/register.

If you are already member, sign in here to download the WIM TM Stylebook and the WIM TM/logo variations.

The WINE IN MODERATION logos and symbols are Registered Trademarks and protected under law. The use of these symbols and logos is reserved to authorised users only.

Once you have the logos in your possession, please take a look at our implementation guides. Different editions have been developed to better address the needs of the various actors of the Wine in Moderation programme. The implementation guides will walk you through the different steps you can take in the programme and will provide you with a checklist to facilitate the implementation of the programme. We invite you to take a look at the guide that corresponds to you.

Implementation guide for national coordinators are only available for existing WiM National Coordinators. Please contact WiM Association.

Useful tools

A leaflet and a video have been developed and adapted nationally to explain in an easy and vivid way what the Wine in Moderation Programme is, who we are and what we do.

Empower Professionals

Empowering professionals is one of the main missions of Wine in Moderation. Various documentation/websites/projects have been developed in the past and can be found hereunder.

  • Vocational Education

Market Training Needs Report (VET-Artdevivre Partnership Project)

The M&TNA Report identifies VET needs of key job profiles taking into account differences in approaches, tools, structures, material as well as the issues related to European and national alcohol & health policy, regulatory framework and the health and social aspects of wine drinking.

Proposed Training guidelines for Sommelier (VET-Artdevivre Partnership Project)

Proposed Training guidelines for Oenologists (VET-Artdevivre Partnership Project)

Proposed Training guidelines for Physicians (VET-Artdevivre Partnership Project)

Training guidelines giving concrete learning outcomes for three key professions: sommeliers, oenologists and physicians/medical doctors.

Additional tools are currently being developed/updated.

  • Self-Regulation

Wine Communications Standards (EN)
Codigo de Autorregulacion del Vino (ES)
Europäische Kommunikationsstandards für Wein (DE)
Código de Boas Práticas nas Comunicações Comerciais do Vinho (PT)

  • Scientific Database

Encourage Moderation & Responsibility

Reaching consumers with the Wine in Moderation Message, is the major goal of the programme. We have therefore developed several materials that we encourage you to use when communicating to consumers, during events, expos, etc.

National coordinators also develop tools at national level, we invite you therefore to contact your national coordinators directly to have more information about the material developed at local level.

(The Wine in moderation message, how you should appreciate wine, who should avoid drinking, etc.)

  • Posters

(the posters have been developed to allow members to include a co-branding), for more information please contact your national coordinator or the WiM Association

(postcards can be used in consumer events – they are available only in English but can be translated into other languages if necessary – upon request and translation provided)

If you need any information regarding these materials, we invite you to contact us directly through our contact form.

Additional material is also regularly made available on this page and will be advertised through the newsletter. We invite you therefore to register to the newsletter to get the latest updates.

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